Halloween Around the World Color by Number – Close Reading & Text Marking

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Practice reading comprehension skills with this Halloween Around the World Color by Number Close Reading Activity. Students will examine the non-fiction, informational text multiple times. This activity includes TWO options for students (individual coloring page or group collaborative poster).
Topics include: Halloween traditions in Cambodia, China, Romania, Ireland, Scotland, Germany
First, students will read the passage. Using close reading skills, they will read the passage a second time and circle their answers to 12 multiple choice questions. Next, they will color the image based on their answer. They will reread the passage to find evidence in the text and underline it using the same corresponding color.
Option 1: Individual work – Students work on their own to complete the questions, coloring, and underlining. Lastly, they will write a summary statement or main idea.
Option 2: Group work – Students will create a collaborative group poster. Place students in groups of four. Each member of the group will receive a different page to color. In the end, the group will assemble their picture with tape or glue. The group images will result in a colorful pop-art poster.
Most people think that Color by Number activities are only for lower elementary grades, but that is simply not true! When Color by Number is implemented correctly, it can deepen student understanding and aide in thought organization. Color by Number activities are a great change of pace and a unique approach to teaching or reviewing concepts. Coloring stimulates brain activity. Isn’t that the purpose of learning?
This activity can be used for anticipatory sets, unit review, sub plans, extension activities, early-finishers, group work, or independent work.
What’s Included?
✔️ Reading passage (front and back)
✔️ Color by number picture (individual or group blocks)
✔️ 12 questions with two answers to choose from
✔️ Teacher answer key
✔️ Teacher guide
✔️ Early finisher activity
What do students need?
✏️ Crayons or color pencils (Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange)
✏️ Glue or tape (if working in groups)
✏️ Scissors (if working in groups)
**Please note that the reading passage in this product overlaps with other products of mine on the same topic**
Options for Use:
✔️ Anticipatory Sets
✔️ Unit Review
✔️ Early Finishers
✔️ Gallery Walk
✔️ Stations
✔️ Sub Plans
✔️ Rewards


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Halloween Around the World Color by Number – Close Reading & Text Marking