Halloween Around the World Activity – Scavenger Hunt Challenge

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The Halloween Around the World Scavenger Hunt Challenge allows students to move around the classroom while reading passages and answering questions. The activity is structured as a cake bake-off where students determine the missing ingredients of a recipe. You can use the Halloween Around the World activity as an introduction or review activity. The Halloween Around the World activity is designed so that students must visit each of the 14 Ingredient Cards and piece together the recipe to win the great cake bake-off! Each Ingredient Card contains a short reading passage about the topic, a multiple-choice question and a clue. Students will get “clues” for which Ingredient Card they should visit next. No more boring worksheets!
This Halloween Around the World activity can be used as task cards, SCOOT activities, scavenger hunts, anticipatory sets, unit review, sub plans, stations, partner work, enrichment, early finishers or independent work. You can hang the Ingredient Cards on the wall, throw them on the floor, place them on desks, hide them or pass them amongst students. How you choose to set it up in your classroom is up to you.
Topics include: Halloween traditions and celebrations in Norway, Austria, France, Germany, Philippines, Mexico, Romania, China, India, Japan, Italy, United States and Cambodia
✏️ 14 Ingredient Cards with a Short Reading Passage
✏️ 14 Multiple Choice Questions relating to the Reading Passage
✏️ Student Recording Sheet
✏️ Student Directions
✏️ Teacher Directions
✏️ Teacher Answer Key


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Halloween Around the World Activity – Scavenger Hunt Challenge