Grinch Activities Set

By: There Is No Box

“Who” doesn’t love a themed learning pack?  Kids will enjoy this Grinch Learning Pack full of games that build on a multiplication theme while also tying in literacy activities.  


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The Grinch’s story is a Christmas classic loved by families all over the globe.  Who can resist the urge to cheer when his heart grow three sizes and his character is redeemed?

Bring the magic of this beloved story to your homeschool or classroom with the Grinch Activities Set.  

This collection effortlessly ties literacy, math, and Christmas together and offers kids a chance to learn through play in a purposeful way this season.

The Grinch Activities Set Includes:

  • Grinch-themed flashcards for the x3 multiplication family
  • Grinch Games Activity Guide containing 6 original learning games to play with the cards
  • Get the Grinch to Mount Crumpet board game and instructions
  • Mount Crumpet flash card activity that links the concepts of multiplication and division, along with optional supplemental worksheets
  • Two no-prep worksheets practicing skip counting and x3 multiplication problems in a fun, Grinch-inspired theme
  • Extended Literacy Connections Activity Guide allowing you to expand on the theme with suggested reading and writing ideas

The games included in this set are adaptable for group work or individual practice and can be played over and over again.  Printable worksheets make a great supplemental activity for independent practice and review. 

This learning set is great for:

  • Teaching x3 math facts
  • Fun and festive review for retaining math skills during the holiday season
  • Bridging the concepts of skip counting, multiplication, and division in an organic way

The Grinch Activities Set also makes it easy to create a fun Christmas-themed unit study!  Use the activities in the Game Guide and the Literacy Connections Guide to build your own Grinch-inspired lesson plan during the holiday season!

Fill your homeschool with the sound of Christmas cheer this year with the Grinch Activities Set!

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Grinch Activities Set
Grinch Activities Set