Gratitude Journal For Kids

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A colorful and super cute gratitude journal for kids that will help kids appreciate the simplest things in life.


Gratitude Journal for kids
Gratitude Journal For Kids


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Are you wanting to foster a gratitude practice in your kids? Then you are gonna want to download this gratitude journal for kids!

This gratitude journal for kids  & Social Emotional Learning worksheets will help your kiddos to express gratitude for the simplest things in life.

Your students will enjoy writing with these unique writing prompts. The pages are colorful and super cute!

Refer to the thumbnails to see this printable gratitude journal for kids in action!

Gratitude has been shown to help with the following:

boosting confidence and mood,

building friendship,

staying positive and optimistic

cultivating an abundance mindset.


The writing prompts in this gratitude journal are perfect for :

  • morning basket,
  • social-emotional learning
  • activity to do before bed
  • use anytime during the day.


Inside this gratitude journal and SEL journal, you will find:

  • A cover page for your gratitude journal
  • 24 appreciation and SEL writing prompts
  • Writing prompts include:

grateful to be me,

thankful for my family,

grateful for my friends,

grateful for nature,

grateful for my home,

grateful for the people in my life,

daily gratitude journaling page,

gratitude letter writing.


This gratitude journal for kids can be used any time of the year, over and over, to help your student foster a gratitude mindset and character-building.


This gratitude and SEL journal are perfect for grades 1-4.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback please reach out to me at: anna@learngrowaspire.com


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