Graphing and Writing Linear Equations Creative Map Activity

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Graphing and Writing Linear Equations Creative Map Activity
Graphing and Writing Linear Equations Creative Map Activity


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Graphing and Writing Linear Equations Creative Map Activity

Teach your students how to read a map and follow directions with this engaging Algebra I activity! Your student will use their creativity to create their best city ever!  It will also tie many of their graphing skills together in one resource! From plotting points to graphing and writing linear equations to converting from slope-intercept form to standard form, this resource has it all!  When done with the map, your student will answer questions about their city. Finally, they will have an opportunity to write about their city which is undoubtedly an invaluable life skill.

This Graphing and Writing Linear Equations Creative Map Activity includes:

•Instructions on how to create the city

•20+ ordered pairs to plot in 4 quadrants

•6 graphing equations from slope-intercept form and standard form

•3 writing equations in slope-intercept form from two points

•12 questions for students to answer about their city

•3 writing prompts

•Point Distribution Sheet for Teacher

•Graph Paper (You may want to use a larger-sized piece of paper so all roads and buildings can be easily seen.)

•Answer Key

Important Prerequisite Skills for Graphing and Writing Linear Equations Creative Map Activity:

  1. How to plot rational points in 4 quadrants
  2. How to graph equations from slope-intercept and standard form
  3. How to write equations in slope-intercept form given 2 points
  4. How to graph vertcal and horizontal lines
  5. How to find the area of a rectangle
  6. Where north, south, east, and west are located
  7. How to identify parallel and perpendicular lines
  8. How to find the origin
  9. How to find the intersection of 2 lines
  10. How to multiply decimals
My pre-algebra students loved this project. It was a great way to reinforce transformations as well!
-Farmstyle Play
This resource will help them take responsibility for their learning and take pride in the quality of their work.
Please contact me at suzy.mahoney@absolutealgebra.org with any questions.
Have fun teaching!
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