Grade 4 Sports Math Task Cards

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Grade 4 learners will enjoy practicing their math skills with this fun set of sports themed task cards.


Grade 4 Sports Math Task Cards


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Your 4th graders are busy learning many new math concepts, as well as building on skills learned in previous grades. This set of 20 task cards is the perfect way for them to practice and review those skills. Designed with a sports theme, this activity is engaging and will have your learners focusing on several skills based on grade 4 mathematics standards. They’ll practice concepts such as multiplication, division, elapsed time, fractions, geometry, and measurement. Most task cards are presented in a format to give learners the opportunity to build confidence in reading and working through word problems. This product is a great group or individual activity. Not only that, but it can be completed indoors or outdoors! All task cards and answer recording sheets are available in color and black & white. An answer key is also provided. PLEASE NOTE: color version and black & white version are IDENTICAL.

When you purchase this product, you will receive:

PAGE 1: Task cards 1-4: single-digit multiplication, division (3-digit by 1-digit), 5-digit addition, measuring to the nearest ¼ inch
PAGE 2: Task cards 5-8: division (2-digit by 1-digit), 2-step word problem (money and subtraction), rounding to nearest thousands, identifying 3-D shape
PAGE 3: Task cards 9-12: writing fraction and simplifying, identifying image as “flipped, slid, or turned”, greater than/less than/equal to, 2-step word problem with addition and subtraction
PAGE 4: Task cards 13-16: division (2-digit by 1-digit), elapsed time, liquid volume, writing multi-digit numbers
PAGE 5: Task cards 17-20: 2-step word problem (adding and multiplying), converting feet to yards, converting ounces to pounds, identifying parallel lines
PAGE 6: Answer recording page (2 sheets per page to reduce ink and number of copies)


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