Grade 2 MATH Worksheets | Ocean Animals Theme

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This set of 12 ocean animal themed worksheets is perfect for your grade 2 learners to practice or review a variety of math skills.


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Your grade 2 learners will dive right into practicing and/or reviewing their math skills with these 12 math worksheets. They’ll enjoy each page of this ocean themed product, and you’ll enjoy the ease of the print and go format. Aligned with mathematics state standards, topics presented in these worksheets include addition, subtraction, odd & even, greater than/less than, place value, 2-D shapes, telling time, and reading data on a graph. This is the perfect product for all types of educational environments. Whether in the classroom, homeschool, or during resource time, these worksheets can be used for individuals, small groups, or large groups. They work well for homework assignments, a quick grab and go activity for substitutes, or a filler for rainy days. If you’re a 3rd grade teacher, these also work well for a beginning of the year assessment tool to help you gauge your learners’ abilities in various skill areas. This product contains a color version and a black & white version. PLEASE NOTE: both versions are IDENTICAL. An answer key is also provided.

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WORKSHEET 1: learners will add 1-digit and 2-digit numbers and color the crab showing the correct answer.

WORKSHEET 2: learners will subtract 1-digit and 2-digit numbers and write their answer on a board being held by a jellyfish.

WORKSHEET 3: learners will determine if the numbers on the shark teeth are odd or even.

WORKSHEET 4: learners will determine which female sea turtle laid more eggs and write the < or >symbol on the turtle egg.

WORKSHEET 5: learners will read a clue and color the sea otter’s seashell that shows the correct place value.

WORKSHEET 6: learners will read digital times about a whale watching trip and color the analog clock that shows the matching time.

WORKSHEET 7: learners will read prices on buckets of sand dollars and color the bucket showing the correctly written format of the price.

WORKSHEET 8: learners will identify 2-D shapes, draw the shape, and glue their matching name underneath.

WORKSHEET 9: learners will read facts about ocean animals and determine which measurement tool(scale, clock, ruler) is most appropriate for the situation.

WORKSHEET 10: learners will partition circles into halves, thirds, and fourths.

WORKSHEET 11: learners will use data about ocean mammals to complete a bar graph and then answer questions using the graph data.

WORKSHEET 12: learners will solve addition and subtraction word problems about various reef animals.



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Grade 2 MATH Worksheets | Ocean Animals Theme