Grade 2 MATH Worksheets | Beach Theme

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Wave goodbye to the summer slump! This set of 12 beach themed math worksheets give your grade 2 learners the perfect opportunity to review a variety of skills they learned throughout the school year.


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Who doesn’t love a fun day at the beach? Your grade 2 learners are going to enjoy this set of 12 beach-themed math worksheets. They are perfect the perfect way to kick-off the summer months. Use them as end-of-the year review during those last few weeks of the school year. The print and go format also allows you to easily create a summer worksheet packet so learners can practice their math skills over the break from school. If you’re a grade 3 teacher, these worksheets are also a great way to transition your learners from summer break to a new school year. Use them as review or to assess math skills in your new learners. The beach theme is kid-friendly and includes a variety of topics all kids will enjoy. Concepts presented in this product include addition, subtraction, place value, graphing, 2-D shapes, word problems, telling time, and more. Along with the 12 worksheets, an answer key is also provided. Check out the details of each worksheet below.

WORKSHEET 1: learners will add the one-digit and two-digit numbers presented on each pair of flip flops.

WORKSHEET 2: learners will solve the one-digit and two-digit subtraction equations. Then, they will color the lifesaver ring that shows the correct answer.

WORKSHEET 3: learners will identify the number on each beach ball as odd or even. Then, they will color the beach ball according to how the number is categorized.

WORKSHEET 4: learners will read the place value clue on each beach pail and color the seashell that shows the matching number to the clue.

WORKSHEET 5: learners will read the skip counting prompt under each snorkeling diver and write the correct pattern of numbers on the fish.

WORKSHEET 6: learners will compare two-digit and three-digit numbers on either side of the surfer. Then they will write the greater than or less than symbol on the surfboard.

WORKSHEET 7: learners will write numbers in word form, expanded form, or number form based on the prompts given with each set of watercraft.

WORKSHEET 8: learners will find 2-D shapes hidden within a sandcastle and color the shapes based on the given prompt.

WORKSHEET 9: learners will read the time on an analog clock and write the digital time on the line below the “luau” prompt.

WORKSHEET 10: learners will count each set of coins and glue the matching popsicle in the box under the coins.

WORKSHEET 11: learners will answer questions about data presented in a picture graph.

WORKSHEET 12: learners will solve addition and subtraction equations presented in “boardwalk” themed word problems.


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Grade 2 MATH Worksheets | Beach Theme