Grade 2 ELA Worksheets | Wild West Theme

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Grade 2 learners will enjoy these 12 Wild West themed ELA worksheets as they practice and review skills in spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.


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Round-up your grade 2 learners for this set of ELA worksheets. They’re sure to enjoy practicing and/or reviewing a variety of skills set with an exciting Wild West theme. Aligned with current ELA standards, this set of 12 worksheets will give your 2nd graders the opportunity to work on skills such as spelling, syllables, prepositions, collective nouns, compound words, contractions, and more. These worksheets are versatile in that they can be used in a multitude of ways including indoor or outdoor learning, homework, resource exercises, or as a learning activity with substitute teachers. Learners can work on them individually or in large/small groups. They’re also great as an assessment tool. Use them after teaching a specific ELA skill or at the beginning of the school year to gauge the skill levels of your new learners. If you’re looking for an engaging learning activity to keep kids busy during the summer months, these worksheets fit the bill. Most worksheets are available in color, while all are available in black and white. An answer key is also included. Below are the details of each worksheet.

WORKSHEET 1: learners will find Sam the snake and circle the preposition to show where he is located.

WORKSHEET 2: learners will color the sheriff’s badge that contains the correct contraction.

WORKSHEET 3: learners will write the singular or plural form of various Wild West themed words.

WORKSHEET 4: learners will color the covered wagon that contains the correct irregular plural form of the provided word.

WORKSHEET 5: learners will read a group of Wild West themed words and cross out the word that does not belong in the group.

WORKSHEET 6: learners will read 10 Wild West themed sentences. They’ll circle the verbs and underline the adjectives in each sentence.

WORKSHEET 7: learners will circle synonyms and antonyms found on “WANTED” posters. They’ll also write their own synonym or antonym for the provided words.

WORKSHEET 8: learners will circle the correct spelling of Wild West themed words. They’ll also write said words in alphabetical order.

WORKSHEET 9: learners will circle the correct number of syllables in the provided Wild West themed words.

WORKSHEET 10: learners will cut out various Wild West themed words and sort them by “compound words” or “non-compound words”. They’ll glue the words into the correct column.

WORKSHEET 11: learners will draw a line matching the collective nouns to their appropriate group names.

WORKSHEET 12: learners will read 12 Wild West themed sentences. They’ll color the word that provides a different shade of meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.



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Grade 2 ELA Worksheets | Wild West Theme