Grade 2 ELA Worksheets | Beach Theme

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Keep the summer slump at bay with these 12 beach themed ELA worksheets. They’re perfect for your grade 2 learners to practice/review skills they learned throughout the school year.


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Help your grade 2 learners celebrate all that summer has to offer with this set of 12 ELA worksheets. They are perfect for the last few weeks of the school year when your learners are filled with anticipation for warmer weather and a summer vacation. With the time-saving print and go format, you can also create a packet of worksheets for your learners to practice their ELA skills over the summer break. If you’re a grade 3 teacher, these are a perfect way to gear up your new group of learners for the school year ahead. Use them to ease your third graders back into learning or assess their ELA skills. There are several skills presented in the pages of this product, including spelling, vocabulary, capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, compound words, and more. Not only will learners practice grade level ELA skills, but they will do so by writing, color, and cutting/gluing. Rounding out the packet of worksheets is an answer key. Take a look below at what this product has to offer.

WORKSHEET 1: after locating Carl crab, learners will complete sentences using prepositions.

WORKSHEET 2: learners will color the seashells that shows the correct contractions for the words above each seashell pair.

WORKSHEET 3: learners will write the singular and plural forms on the line under each beach-themed picture.

WORKSHEET 4: learners will re-write beach-themed sentences using the correct capitalization and punctuation.

WORKSHEET 5: learners will read two adjectives describing beach-themed words. Then, they will cut and glue the matching picture in the box under the pair of adjectives.

WORKSHEET 6: learners will read the sentences that highlight a particular noun. Then, they will draw a line to the popsicle with the matching plural noun.

WORKSHEET 7: learners will read the words in each pair of sunglasses. They will color the sunglasses if the words create a compound word. Then, they will write each compound word on the provided lines.

WORKSHEET 8: learners will determine which of two beach-themed words is spelled correctly. Then, they will write the 10 words in alphabetical order.

WORKSHEET 9: learners will color the surfboards and flip flops that show matching synonyms or antonyms.

WORKSHEET 10: learners will read each beach-themed word and circle the number that shows how many syllables are in each word.

WORKSHEET 11: learners will work their way through the maze by coloring the beach pails that show homophone pairs.

WORKSHEET 12: learners will read beach-themed sentences and circle the past tense verbs that match the verbs in each sentence.


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Grade 2 ELA Worksheets | Beach Theme