Good Student Reward Bookmarks

By: Stress Less with Susan

These printable reward bookmarks are perfect for saying “great job” when your child pays attention well, demonstrates good self-control, and puts forth their best effort.


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Use these 78 printable reward bookmarks for 26 different executive functioning skills to keep your kiddos motivated! Kids respond best to very specific feedback, so you can reinforce which behavior was so great!

Perfect during back-to-school week because it sets the tone for your expectations for the whole year!

  • Got one who doesn’t wait their turn? COVERED!
  • How about a kid that can’t pay attention? GOT THAT TOO!
  • Or a child that makes careless mistakes? CHOOSE FROM A FEW OF THESE.
  • And the one who can’t get their backpack organized to go home? THAT’S IN HERE!
  • What about the kiddo who can’t keep his hands to himself? YUP. GOT IT.

These adorable bookmarks come in full color and black and white for coloring.

Not sure if the little one on the bookmark works for the child you have in mind? There’s also a version with STARS for all the skills, so everyone gets one they’ll like.


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Stress Less with Susan

Good student reward bookmarks
Good Student Reward Bookmarks