Geological Landforms Worksheets for Kids

By: GeoKidz

Discover and deepen your understanding of various landforms with our engaging worksheets. Identify, explore characteristics, and understand the formation and real-world applications of landforms. Ideal for geography enthusiasts.


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These worksheets are designed to deepen your understanding of various landforms found across the Earth’s surface. Landforms are natural physical features that shape the landscape, and they are formed by geological processes such as erosion, weathering, volcanic activity, and tectonic movements. By engaging with this worksheet, you will learn about different types of landforms, their characteristics, formation, and significance.
Landform Identification
  • In this section, you will be presented with images or descriptions of different landforms.
  • Your task is to correctly identify and label each landform. Examples might include mountains, valleys, plateaus, canyons, plains, deltas, etc.
Landform Characteristics
  • Explore the defining features of various landforms. For each landform provided, describe its prominent characteristics such as shape, elevation, surrounding terrain, and any unique geological features.
  • Consider how these characteristics influence the environment, climate, and human activities in those regions.
Landform Formation
  • Investigate the processes behind the formation of different landforms. For instance, describe how mountains are formed through tectonic plate movements or how valleys are shaped by erosion from rivers or glaciers.
  • Provide brief explanations or diagrams depicting the formation processes of at least three different landforms.
Landform Importance
  • Reflect on the significance of various landforms to the environment, ecosystems, and human civilizations.
  • Discuss how certain landforms support biodiversity, affect weather patterns, or provide resources for human activities such as agriculture, tourism, or mining.
Real-World Application
  • Apply your knowledge by selecting a particular landform and researching a real-world example.
  • Describe a specific location where this landform exists, including its geographical coordinates, notable features, and any human activities or developments influenced by this landform.
In completing these worksheets, you have expanded your knowledge about the diverse landforms present on Earth, their characteristics, formation processes, significance, and real-world applications. Understanding these landforms is crucial in comprehending the natural world and the impact they have on shaping our planet.


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Geological Landforms Worksheets for Kids