Farm Puzzles

By: A-Z Infinity

Farm themed puzzles great for math centers to learn and practice counting 1-20 or 0-19.


Farm Puzzles


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Ready some fun Farm Puzzles ? This Puzzle Printable set is quick and easy for you to prepare and add to your farm center. Your kids will have fun practicing counting 1-20 or 0-19 (your choice). They will have some giggles with the mix and match animals.



Print and laminate Puzzle Guides for students to use as a visual for the puzzles.

Print, laminate and cut on dotted lines for puzzles.


14 pages

Page 3: Cow Pig Puzzle Guide

Page 4: Cat Dog Puzzle Guide

Page 5: Cow Pig Puzzle 1-10

Page 6: Cat Dog Puzzle 11-20

Page 7: Cow Pig Puzzle 0-9

Page 8 Cat Dog Puzzle 10-19

Pages 9-16: Mix and Match Cow, Pig, Cat, and Dog Puzzle

with Puzzle Guides


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