Fall Crafts

By: A-Z Infinity

Fun Fall Craft Kit for grades Prek-3rd grade. This set is versatile and low prep!


Fall Crafts


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Are you ready for Fall?! Then you will want this Easy Fall Crafts set for your young-ins!

Get creative with this fall set! Use various art medias and textures to make sweet cute pumpkins, scarecrows, and apple trees!
Early Childhood, Pre-k, Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade


Color with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Paint with fingers, watercolors, feathers, pipe cleaners, forks, sponges or cotton balls.

Decorate with glitter, stickers or stamps.


24 pages

Page1———————————————–Cover for your flies

Page 2———————————————–TOC

Page 3———————————————–Directions

Page 4———————————————–External Links

Page 5———————————————–Apple Experiment

Pages 6&7———————-Leaf Color Changing Experiment

Pages 8&9———————————- (2) Colored Scarecrows

Page 10——————————————-B&W Scarecrow

Page 11&12———————Scarecrow parts to cut and paste

Page 13———————————————Colored Pumpkins

Page 14———————-Pumpkin face parts to cut and paste

Page 15———————————-Colored Pumpkin (no face)

Page 16———————————————B&W Pumpkin

Page 17——————————————–Colored Apple Tree

Page 18——————————————– B&W Apple Tree

Page 19—————————————-B&W Tree (no apples)

Page 20&21————-Apple Tree parts to color cut and paste

Page 22——————————- Apples to color cut and paste

Page 23—————-Colored & B&W Leaves to cut and paste

Page 24————————————————-TOU


Subject Areas and Skills:

Following Directions


Coloring in the lines


Gluing (One Dot Does A Lot!)

Fine Motor Skills




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A-Z Infinity

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