Fairy Tales on Trial (Fractured Fairy Tales & Point of View) BUNDLE

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Practice the skill of point of view with your homeschool co-op, or your own family and friends!


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Point of view can be difficult for students to grasp. With this unit, you’ll teach POV using fractured fairytales and hold a mock trial where your students will put fairy tale characters on trial. You’ll set up court, act as judge and jury, and decide which perspective is the most believable.

The Fairytales on Trial Bundle is the best value, and includes two weeks of lesson plans, suggested point of view picture books that teach perspective, explicit instructions for separating your students into groups and implementing the activity, and NINE different trials to use in your classroom.

The bundle also includes a rubric for grading the project and a themed Venn diagram to compare and contrast the fractured fairytale to the classic version. Both the bundle and the individual fairytale trials come with a “You Be the Juror” sheet which allows students who are watching the trials to listen and judge which character’s testimony is the most believable.

The Fairytales in this Bundle are:
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Jack and the Beanstalk
Little Red Riding Hood
The Three Pigs
Peter Pan
The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast

This unit teaches and reviews point of view of literary text characters, perspective, comparing and contrasting, speaking and listening, and critical thinking. Students will refer back to the text for evidence as they write their testimonies in complete sentences in the first-person, and listen for evidence while they’re acting as jurors. Students will analyze characters’ thoughts, actions, and character traits.

It is highly recommended that you have hard copies of the books that you’ll use for the units and can share with the students. A suggested list of books is included in the bundle.




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Fairy Tales on Trial (Fractured Fairy Tales & Point of View) BUNDLE