Elapsed Time Worksheets | Holiday Travel

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Your upper elementary school learners will get into the holiday spirit with this set of 8 elapsed time worksheets. They’ll strengthen their skills in telling time with analog and digital clocks while relating to the real-world experiences of holiday travel during November and December.


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Here is an engaging print and go product to add to your seasonal math curriculum. This set of 8 worksheets will take your learners on a journey as they solve elapsed time problems with real-world scenarios. Travelling in a large component of the holiday season in November and December. Getting from here to there requires planning and time management. This product will allow your learners to practice their skills with analog and digital time to the nearest 5-minutes, as well as reading/interpreting data on a chart. Concepts presented in the product include telling time on analog and digital clocks, writing time on analog and digital clocks, elapsed time, reading a chart, filling in missing data on a chart, analyzing data on a chart, and solving one-step word problems. These worksheets are great for a rainy day or a quick filler during the busy holiday schedules in your educational environment. Use them in large or small groups, individually, or as a homework assignment. They’re also a great learning activity for substitute teaching. Four of the worksheets are available in both color and black & white, while the additional four worksheets are available only in B & W. An answer key is provided for all worksheets.

When you purchase this product, you will receive:

WORKSHEET 1: learners will read prompts about Thanksgiving travel and write the arrival time of travelers in digital format.

WORKSHEET 2: learners will read prompts about a Thanksgiving Day marathon and write the finish time of runners in analog format.

WORKSHEET 3: learners will read prompts about December holiday travel. Then using the times shown on analog clocks, determine the length of travel time (hours and minutes).

WORKSHEET 4: using analog clocks, learners will read the time Santa arrived at each house. Then, using information about his travel time, they will determine at what time he departed the previous home and write it in digital format.

WORKSHEET 5: learners will compare the times (analog and digital) of two travelers and determine which person traveled the longer length of time.

WORKSHEET 6: learners will use the Festive Flight Schedule to complete word problems on worksheets 7 and 8.

WORKSHEET 7: learners will use clues to fill in the missing data on the Festive Flight Schedule. Then they will answer one-step word problems about travel times.

WORKSHEET 8: learners will use the Festive Flight Schedule to answer one-step word problems about travel times. They will write their answers and explain their thought process.


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Elapsed Time Worksheets | Holiday Travel