Elapsed Time Worksheets – Autumn Theme

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Grade 3 and grade 4 learners will enjoy practicing their elapsed time skills with these engaging Autumn-themed worksheets.


Elapsed Time Worksheets – Autumn Theme


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Fall is right around the corner and that means sweaters, pumpkins, and colorful leaves! Learners in grade 3 and grade 4 will enjoy these Autumn-themed math worksheets. This product provides them 5 ways to practice mastering skills in elapsed time and telling time in 5-minute intervals. Additional concepts presented include analog clocks, digital clocks, as well as AM and PM. They’ll find the real-world situations an engaging part of the activities. These worksheets are a great way for 3rd graders and 4th graders to work on skills individually or in small/large groups. They are also great in the classroom or at home. The print and go format is also a win for you as there is no prep work involved. Color and black & white versions are included, as well as an answer key. PLEASE NOTE: Color and B&W versions are identical.

When you purchase this product, you will receive:

WORKSHEET 1: read the elapsed time word problem and draw a line to the correct analog clock.

WORKSHEET 2: read the elapsed time word problem and draw a line to the correct digital clock.

WORKSHEET 3: read the elapsed time word problem and draw the correct time on the analog clock, as well as write the correct time on the digital clock.

WORKSHEET 4: read the elapsed time word problem and determine which of two analog clocks shows the correct time. Then circle the correct clock.

WORKSHEET 5: read the elapsed time word problem and determine which of two digital times is correct. Then circle the correct time.


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