Easter Math Worksheets, Identifying, Counting Coins and US Currency Worksheets

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Get ready for some Easter Money Math and reinforce money skills with your students! These worksheets are designed to help students identify, count, and match money, which is an essential skill for successful daily living. If your students need help with identifying and counting money to make purchases, these Easter Money Math worksheets will make learning fun!

The worksheets will assist students in matching number values to written values, practicing writing the written value and cutting and pasting the correct currency to the item. They focus on coins with values ranging from .01 to .25 and dollar bills from $1.00 to $10.00.

These worksheets are available in both color and black and white, making them easy to print and for students to color or for a full-color experience!


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In 1994, I walked into my first job as a middle school teacher teaching students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities. My Mom passed away from cancer in 2000 and I left my teaching job to take care of her and my daughter, who was in the 3td grade. Her death took an emotional toll on us and I decided to home-school my daughter. Due to medical challenges, I needed insurance and an income, so I had to return to the classroom but kept in touch with several of my homeschool parents. I enjoyed sharing with them the resources I created for my students and the feedback they gave me motivated me to keep creating and sharing!

I have taught general education and all levels of special education but I have to say, I found my teaching "jam" in a High School Functional Autism class. I LOVE my high school AU students! They have taught me so much about life and to see outside life's little box. They are truly AUsome!!! When the pandemic hit, I realized I had created SO MANY resources to share with my colleagues, homeschool parents, and students, I wanted to share with anyone who teaches and loves students. As I am looking down the road for retirement, this is what I want to do.... continue creating FUN and ENGAGING resources to make YOUR life easier and allow your child to have fun thinking outside the box together!
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Easter Money Math Worksheets
Easter Math Worksheets, Identifying, Counting Coins and US Currency Worksheets