Easter Number Seek and Find Mats with Rabbits

By: The Connett Connection

Does your child need help with number recognition?  Grab these Easter seek and find mats and have fun recognizing numbers from 0 to 20.  There are a variety of hands on activities with these mats to meet the learning needs of all kids!


The cover shows two bunny mats with a number card.
Easter Number Seek and Find Mats with Rabbits


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Practice number recognition with these Easter themed seek and find mats.  Children who are learning to identify numbers 0-20 will love the fun, colorful, hands on nature of these rabbit themed mats.  Each mat features the numbers in a random, mixed up order for children to locate on each mat.  These mats are suitable for students who are learning to identify numbers in preschool or kindergarten.

What is Included:

  • One 0-10 Number Mat
  • One 0-20 Number Mat
  • 0-20 Number Cards

There are a variety of activities that can be done with these mats, making them very easy to find an activity that best helps your child learn the desired concept, whether it’s number recognition or number formation.

Types of Activities

  • Create a hands on math center by placing the mats and cards in a center.
  • Create a write and wipe activity by laminating the mats or placing them in page protectors and providing a dry erase marker.
  • Create a sensory bin by adding the number cards inside a sensory bin for students to find.
  • Write the Room activity where you hide the cards around the room and students find them to write or trace on their mats.
  • Find and Cover activity where students draw a card then use various magnets, mini erasers, or bingo chips to cover the correct number.
  • Find and Dot activity where students draw a card then use a bingo marker to dot the correct number.

Skills Assessed

  • Recognizing numbers 0-20
  • Tracing numbers 0-20

The mats for these are no-prep!  You simply print them out and give them to the child.  You may choose to laminate them for repeated use, or place them in page protectors.  The cards are low prep, only needing to be printed and cut out.  The rest of the prep time depends on which of the above activities you choose to do with your child.


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