Easter Bunny Art Activity

By: Creative Academy by Party in the Art Room

Engage and inspire your learners with this fun Easter Bunny Art Activity, complete with a 10-page non-editable PDF including a game sheet, coloring sheet, Henri Rousseau compare & contrast writing activity, and reflection sheets.


easter bunny art lesson party in the art room
Easter Bunny Art Activity


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Easter Bunny Art Activity

Looking for a fun and engaging Easter activity for your learners? Look no further than this Easter Bunny Art Activity! This art activity is perfect for integrating art with writing prompts and mini-lessons.

Get this Easter Bunny Art Activity now so that you will have plenty of time to make beautiful Easter artwork with your kiddos!

What’s Included in this Easter Bunny Art Activity

This resource includes a 10-page non-editable PDF with:

  • Game sheet
  • Coloring sheet
  • Finished example
  • Henri Rousseau compare & contrast writing activity
  • Reflection sheets

How to use this product:

This Easter Bunny Art Activity takes about 30-60 minutes to complete the art project. There are reflection and writing activities included that take additional time, but the entire lesson takes 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Learners use a random number generator and the game sheet as a drawing prompt to create their own unique Easter Bunny art. Then, they add finishing touches and color using any media to their work. This can be done on any kind of paper.

The flexibility of materials allows the project to be tailored to fit the needs and abilities of every learner. Whether used as a standalone activity or as part of a larger unit, this resource is sure to engage and inspire students while allowing them to develop their artistic skills and creativity.

Value of Hand-Drawn Resource

Value of Hand-Drawn Resource Learners can be hard on themselves about their drawing. They expect perfection when what the art they are looking at is a digitally created image. Of course, no child can draw like that! I’ve found that hand-drawn resources help take the pressure off so kids don’t feel like they have to be perfect. They see the hand-drawn work and get engaged because they aren’t as afraid of making mistakes.

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