Earth’s Sun and Moon and Their Patterns-Learning About Science, Level 4

By: Write Bonnie Rose

The features of the sun and moon as well as the moon’s phases, the effects the sun and moon have on Earth, and eclipses are explored in this physical science unit. Engaging and informative text with numerous illustrations, vocabulary practice, and a review are included. See a preview of Earth’s Sun and Moon and Their Patterns-Learning About Science, Level 4.

This title is also available as part of Learning About Science Collection, Level 4.


Earth’s Sun and Moon and Their Patterns-Learning About Science, Level 4


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Go deeper by also purchasing the Earth’s Sun and Moon and Their Patterns Notebook, extension activities perfect for the student who enjoys drawing and sketching.

There’s nowhere on Earth that isn’t affected by the sun and moon, but their patterns at times can seem confusing. Starting with the sun, this unit looks at the layers of the sun, solar wind, sunspots, prominences, and solar flares. It then looks at physical features of the moon such as craters, lunar mountains, maria, and rilles. Next, rotation, revolution, and orbits are discussed, along with day and night, the tilt of the Earth, the seasons, solstices, equinoxes, and climate. The eight phases of the moon are explored, along with the moon’s effect on ocean tides on Earth. The book concludes with an explanation of a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. A multitude of illustrations make these concepts accessible and easier to understand.

At the end of the unit, students can review 34 vocabulary words, label the parts of the sun, and enjoy a review activity. Students can also personalize the book by coloring the illustrations if desired. Answer keys are provided. 27 pages total. Ages 8-13.

All measurements are given in both English and metric. This title does not discuss origins or the age of the earth. If you would like to explore the topics in this book from a Creation science worldview, a free downloadable discussion resource is included.


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