Earth Day Sentence Building Tiles and Worksheets

By: Having A Fields Day


Earth Day Sentence Building Tiles and Worksheets
Earth Day Sentence Building Tiles and Worksheets


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Earth Day Sentence Building Tiles and Worksheets

Help develop writing and spelling skills with Sentence Building for Little Learners! This resource combines sentence structure, spelling, handwriting, and drawing with a fun Earth Day theme to make learning enjoyable.

The word tiles included in the sets can be used to build scrambled sentences that fit into mini pocket charts or can be used on tabletops.

Included in this Earth Day Sentence Building Tiles and Worksheets pack:

🌳Vocabulary picture cards featuring Earth Day words like reduce, reuse, recycle, planet, April, and more!

🌳Word tiles to cut apart, unscramble, and then build into a sentence.

🌳Worksheets where your student will write the unscrambled sentence, spell the word from the card, and draw a picture.

🌳A duplicate set of worksheets with the option to trace the letters and sentence.

🌳Directions and answer key

*printing on cardstock is highly recommended for extended use

How to use these Earth Day Sentence Building Tiles and Worksheets:

✔️Print all sheets

✔️Cut apart the sentence tiles to build a sentence to be paired with the matching illustration. You can paste these onto paper, slide into mini pocket charts, layout on a desk or table top, or even glue magnets on the back to build sentences on a magnetic surface. 

✔️ Use the accompanying worksheets to spell the image, write a sentence about it, then draw a picture. A duplicate set of worksheets is included in this file if your student needs to trace the letters.

✔️ Use over and over again to promote recognition of Earth Day concepts and vocabulary!

✔️ This resource is great for modeling correct sentence formation.


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Having A Fields Day

I am a former homeschooling mom to two, one of which has Autism. When I began homeschooling my kids many years ago I had a hard time finding resources that would fit their unique needs or wasn't created with homeschoolers in mind. One day the light bulb went off and I realized I could create exactly what we needed and then I thought that perhaps there were other homeschool moms like me who needed more than what was in their purchased curriculum, but also needed it to be geared towards homeschoolers.

One of my favorite subjects is Social Studies and I was privileged to have had the opportunity to teach it at a local co-op. I have a degree in physical geography with a focus on water resources and climatology. Before homeschooling and teaching at a co-op school I worked for a non-profit that helped provide teachers with the tools to teach geography in schools as well as working in the water resources and climatology industry. I love being able to bring that knowledge to my products and present it in a way that is fun for kids!