Doubles Activity Pack

By: There Is No Box

When learning feels like playing, kids ask to do their schoolwork!  Get this Doubles Activity Pack today and have fun while you learn!


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Ditch the boring drill methods that frustrate your child and inspire them to learn with interactive games!

This Doubles Activity Pack motivates students to learn because they are engaged, having fun, and working with numbers in a way that is meaningful.

The included flash cards can be used in EIGHT DIFFERENT WAYS to help your child learn and master both the doubles addition and multiplying by 2 math facts.

Why addition AND multiplication in this set?

Both addition and multiplication facts are included in this set because these two concepts are not separate skills. 

Doubles addition and multiplying by 2 are practicing the same concept, they are simply just written differently. 

So why not teach them together?

By learning doubles addition math facts alongside x2 multiplication facts, we are naturally bridging the two concepts together for our child.

Instead of seeing these as two separate skills to master, they learn it once, while building the understanding that all of math is interconnected.

What’s Included in the Doubles Activity Pack:

  • Activity Guide with 4 games and variations for play
  • 2 Sets of Leaf Cards (color, black-and-white)
  • Doubles Addition flash card set
  • Multiplication By 2 flash card set
  • Number flash card set (answers)
  • Squirrel’s Harvest Activity Sheet (two versions)
  • BONUS: 2 Worksheets for extra skills practice

Get this Doubles Activity Pack today and have fun while you learn!


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Doubles Activity Pack