Dinosaur-Themed Worksheets + Printable Games

By: Create Your Homeschool

These interactive dinosaur-themed homeschool printables are the perfect rainy-day activity!


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Dinosaur-Themed Worksheets

This homeschool printable is the perfect rainy-day activity! You guys know how I feel about worksheets… [read more, here].

However, we’ve done our best to make each worksheet interactive, so that your child isn’t just writing for an hour, but learning through cutting, pasting, and playful scenarios.


This download is not meant to be a strict learning workbook. Instead, use these pages as stand-alone worksheets to reinforce learning in certain topics.


The pages are in no particular order so that you can use each page once or 100 times, depending on your child’s level of learning and love for each worksheet.

We’ve provided directions for each worksheet but use your own mama judgment. The sky’s the limit for how to use these versatile learning worksheets!



  • Number sequencing
  • Greater-than / less-than
  • Sorting
  • Beginner math
  • More / less
  • Object placement + more!


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Dinosaur-Themed Worksheets + Printable Games