Create a “Sweet City” Plotting Points, Reading a Map, and More!

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Create a “Sweet City” Plotting Points, Reading a Map, and More!


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Create a “Sweet City” Plotting Points, Reading a Map, and More!

Reading a map and following directions is an essential skill for your middle school student. The Middle School Math Creating a “Sweet” City combines these skills with graphing to create an engaging math activity that has your student plotting ordered pairs, answering questions based on their plots, and then writing about their own city. They will use their plotting skills and creativity to create their “dream” city!

Create a “Sweet City” Plotting Points, Reading a Map, and More! activity includes:

  • Instructions on how to create the city
  • 20+ ordered pairs to plot in 4 quadrants
  • 10 questions for students to answer about their city
  • 3 writing prompts
  • Point Distribution Sheet
  • Graph Paper
  • Answer Key

Important prerequisite skills for Create a “Sweet City” Plotting Points, Reading a Map, and More!

  • How to plot rational points in 4 quadrants
  • How to draw x-axis and y-axis
  • Where north, south, east, and west are located
  • How to identify the intersection of 2 lines
  • How to identify parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Where the origin is located
  • What vertical and horizontal mean
  • How to find the area of a square
  • How to multiply decimals

Students will start by plotting the given points and creating the landmarks, roads, and buildings of their city based on the given ordered pairs. They are given a variety of pre-determined map elements and elements they can name themselves. Creativity within the theme of “sweet” is encouraged! They will then answer specific questions about their city that have them using their graphing knowledge and map reading skills. Finally, they extend their knowledge by writing about their city given one of the three provided prompts. Your student will be delighted at their end result and want to show their friends!


“This is an amazing resource! The conversations it promoted were fantastic. It was the perfect level of challenge, and my students were so engaged. Wonderful!”

-Taylor H.

If you have any questions, please contact me at suzy.mahoney@absolutealgebra.com

Have fun teaching!

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