Community Helpers Matching Puzzle

By: Having A Fields Day

Mix and match the community helper puzzles pieces! Each puzzle features the community helper name, illustration, and simple job description.


Community Helpers Matching Puzzle
Community Helpers Matching Puzzle


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Community Helpers Matching Puzzle

Supplement your lessons about community helpers with a matching puzzle! This set includes 26 community helpers to mix and match. Simply print, cut, mix, then match the puzzle pieces back together. To ensure longevity, I recommend printing the cards on 8.5 x 11 cardstock and laminating after cutting.

Included in this Community Helpers Matching Puzzle resource:

🏙️ 26 cut apart cards featuring a variety of community helpers. Each puzzle contains the community helper name, illustration, and simple job description

How to use:

✔️Print and cut. I highly recommend printing on cardstock for extended use.

✔️ Mix and match the community helpers back together.

✔️No two lines are the same so lines will have to match perfectly to find the correct answer

✔️ Go out in your community and look for places where community helpers work. Schedule a field trip to learn more about community helpers and what they do!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I share this product with our Homeschool Co-Op Class or other educators? This product comes with a co-op license so that you can use it as a resource inside a co-op classroom that you attend / teach. You may NOT directly share this product file with anyone outside of your homeschool / personal co-op. This product is to be used by the purchaser and their classroom(s) only. Please see my TOU page inside the resource download or contact me with questions about usage. havingafieldsday@gmail.com



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Having A Fields Day

I am a former homeschooling mom to two, one of which has Autism. When I began homeschooling my kids many years ago I had a hard time finding resources that would fit their unique needs or wasn't created with homeschoolers in mind. One day the light bulb went off and I realized I could create exactly what we needed and then I thought that perhaps there were other homeschool moms like me who needed more than what was in their purchased curriculum, but also needed it to be geared towards homeschoolers.

One of my favorite subjects is Social Studies and I was privileged to have had the opportunity to teach it at a local co-op. I have a degree in physical geography with a focus on water resources and climatology. Before homeschooling and teaching at a co-op school I worked for a non-profit that helped provide teachers with the tools to teach geography in schools as well as working in the water resources and climatology industry. I love being able to bring that knowledge to my products and present it in a way that is fun for kids!