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An interdisciplinary teacher’s guide for Cinco de Mayo is a resource that provides educators with a collection of lesson plans and activities to teach their students about the history and cultural significance of the holiday. It includes content from various subject areas such as social studies, language arts, and visual arts, and provides ideas for cross-curricular integration. The guide aims to enhance students’ understanding of the holiday’s origins and meaning, as well as promote cultural appreciation and understanding.


Cinco de Mayo is a cultural celebration that originated in Mexico but has now become a popular holiday in the United States. This teaching resource provides interdisciplinary activities that can help students learn about the history, significance, and cultural traditions of Cinco de Mayo.
The activities in this resource include:

  1. Social Studies: Students will learn about the history of Cinco de Mayo, the Battle of Puebla, and the significance of this holiday in Mexican culture.
  2. Language Arts: Students will read and analyze Mexican folktales, poems, and songs related to Cinco de Mayo. They will also write their own Cinco de Mayo-inspired stories or poems.
  3. Math: Students will explore Mexican geometric designs, create their own designs, and learn about the math behind these patterns.
  4. Science: Students will investigate the ingredients and preparation of traditional Mexican foods, such as guacamole or salsa, and learn about the science behind cooking and food preservation.
  5. Art: Students will create their own Cinco de Mayo-inspired artwork, including papel picado, piñatas, and pottery, and learn about the art and cultural significance of these forms.

By engaging in these interdisciplinary activities, students will gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Cinco de Mayo and develop their skills in a variety of subject areas.

Children enjoy learning about the way other cultures celebrate. Cinco de Mayo is a fun time of year for students to learn about an important event in the culture of Mexico and Mexican-Americans.


This Cinco De Mayo ready-to-use learning packet includes resources and activities including:

. Books on Cinco de Mayo with reading comprehension

. Poetry

. Reading Passages with questions

. Writing prompts and assessments

. Additional activities including Word Scramble and Word Search

. Make tortillas with your class

. Bulletin board ideas


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