Catholic Holy Days of Obligation Teaching Posters

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Catholic Holy Days of Obligation Teaching Posters


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Help your kids learn the Catholic Holy Days of Obligation with these teaching posters. The 8.5 X 11 posters make a great visual aid to your teaching.


These are really great for helping kids learn and understand the name and purpose of each Holy Day.

Each poster includes:

✅ The name of the day

✅ A sentence explaining what we celebrate on that day

✅ The date it is celebrated


The title poster explains what a Holy Day of Obligation is followed by one poster for each of the six Catholic Holy Days of Obligations.


IMPORTANT NOTE: These dates and explanations are according to the United States Council of Bishops website. Individual bishops can move some of these celebrations slightly to accommodate the needs of their diocese. These may be celebrated on different dates outside of the United States.


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