Backyard Science: Birds, Bugs and Butterflies

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Backyard Science Birds, Butterflies, and Bugs
Backyard Science: Birds, Bugs and Butterflies


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The activities in Backyard Science: Birds, Bugs and Butterflies embrace the natural curiosity that children have and encourages them to always be in discovery mode.  This printable set helps you capitalize on the opportunities for easy summer science in a stress-free, fun approach that kids enjoy!

The pages in this set help children identify birds, bugs and butterflies that they come across in their own backyards, to observe and record what they see, and to identify and learn about them.   Pull these sheets out on the fly when your kids find a new creature, or use them intentionally, sending your children out on a hunt for flying friends that visit your yard.  Additionally, the print-and-go pages can be used to supplement nature studies, added to nature journals, or included in an explorer’s backpack with items like bug catchers, magnifying glasses, identification books and more!

What’s Included with Backyard Science: Birds, Bugs and Butterflies:

  • Backyard Birds (3 color versions)
  • Backyard Butterflies (3 color versions)
  • Backyard Bugs (3 color versions)
  • Backyard Friends mapping activity (2 color versions)

Kids love to observe, explore, ask questions, and discover.  The summer offers them the perfect time to embody the purpose and heart of scientific study and discovery, though they don’t even realize that they’re doing it!  Backyard Science activities equip you to take full advantage of the rich learning environment that surrounds your children every day by building on what your children are naturally drawn to and making the most of every opportunity.

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