Animal Research Report Project- 2 Differentiated Versions w/ 115 Animal Covers!

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A fun guided animal research report project that consists of dedicated research pages that give your students background knowledge about what makes animals unique! Use the templates or choose your own animal!
Included are the following concept pages:
-Cover Page (115 animals to pick from, plus a blank page for illustrating)
-Table of Contents
-Mammal, Bird, Reptile, Amphibian, Fish, or Invertebrate?
-Predator or Prey?
-Carnivore, Herbivore, or Omnivore?
-Life Cycle
-Fun Facts
Depending on your students’ level, you can choose to research an animal together, and walk them through the report step-by-step, or challenge them to choose and research an animal of their choice. It might help to break the report down by having them focus on one concept per day.
This animal report includes TWO versions- a primary lined version for beginning writers, and a single lined version for more advanced writers. The report has a blank animal report cover template, but after the report pages, you can find specific cover pages for 115 different animals! Please see PDF slide number 32 for the animals and corresponding slide numbers to find the animal you’re looking for. The blank cover is perfect for students who choose to illustrate their own animal, or for featuring an animal who is not included in the 115 cover pages.

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Animal Research Report Project- 2 Differentiated Versions w/ 115 Animal Covers!
Animal Research Report Project- 2 Differentiated Versions w/ 115 Animal Covers!