Animal Adaptations in the Rainforest Habitat Activities and Worksheets

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This set of multi-subject, rainforest habitat activities and worksheets is a great addition to your 3rd grade and 4th grade ELA and science curriculum. Learners will use critical thinking and reasoning skills as they focus on animal adaptations and the rainforest habitat.


Animal Adaptations in the Rainforest Habitat Activities and Worksheets


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Are your 3rd or 4th graders learning about the rainforest habitat? Are you looking for a way to enhance the curriculum with fun and engaging activities? If so, look no further. You have found a product that will help your learners focus on the rainforest habitat, all while practicing their science, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Everything you need is included in the pages of this product. Most of the worksheets are print and go. All activities can be used in either a small or large group setting, or on an individual basis. A set of PowerPoint slides is included for you to display as learners delve into the world of rainforest animals and their unique adaptations. As learners work their way through this product, they will practice reading, reading comprehension, comparative writing, opinion writing, descriptive writing, vocabulary, dictionary skills, and much more. Most pages are available in color and black & white. PLEASE NOTE: color and b&w versions are IDENTICAL. Answer keys are provided for some worksheets. Others are not provided because your learners’ answers will vary.

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WORKSHEET 1: learners will cut out 5 animals and glue them next to their appropriate habitat.

WORKSHEET 2: learners will fill-in the sections of a K-W-L chart.

WORKSHEET 3: learners will draw lines matching sentences about rainforest vocabulary to their correct definitions.

WORKSHEET 4: learners will use a dictionary to locate the guide words for rainforest vocabulary words and write either a synonym or antonym for each vocabulary word.

WORKSHEET 5: learners will use the check-off list to draw a picture of a rainforest habitat, making sure to include items on the list.

WORKSHEET 6: learners will read sentences about specific rainforest animal adaptations and label each adaptation as either physical, behavioral, or life cycle.

WORKSHEETS 7-9: learners will write either 1, 2, or 3 adaptations for the given rainforest animals.

WORKSHEETS 10-12: learners will write either 1, 2, or 3 adaptations for the given rainforest animals and non-rainforest animals.

WORKSHEET 13: learners will choose 1 rainforest animal and 1 non-rainforest animal and write a brief paragraph about each animal’s adaptations.

WORKSHEETS 14-21: learners will label 2-3 adaptations on a rainforest animal and briefly explain each adaptation.

WORKSHEET 22: leaners will complete an organizer by listing 3 reasons they think a particular rainforest animal is the “coolest creature.”

WORKSHEETS 23-24: learners will use their reasons from worksheet 22 to write an opinion piece about their favorite rainforest animal.

WORKSHEET 25: learners will complete a wordsearch with various rainforest terms.

WORKSHEET 26: learners will create their own wordsearch using various rainforest terms.

WORKSHEET 27: learners will complete a crossword puzzle using clues about various rainforest animals.



HANDOUT 1: Information describing the definition of a habitat.

HANDOUT 2: 4 vocabulary words and definitions that learners will come across in their reading.

HANDOUT 3: 4 vocabulary words and definitions that learners will come across in their reading.

HANDOUT 4: Information about the rainforest habitat including: landforms, bodies of water, climate, plants, and an explanation of the 4 layers of trees in the rainforest.

HANDOUT 5: Information describing the definition of an adaptation, along with the three types of adaptations (physical, behavioral, life cycle).

HANDOUT 6: Information about 4 rainforest animals and their adaptations (toucan, sloth, Poison Dart Frog, capybara).

HANDOUT 7: Information about 4 rainforest animals and their adaptations (green iguana, Brazilian tapir, jaguar, Pink River Dolphin).

HANDOUT 8: Information about 3 non-rainforest animals and their adaptations (Blue Heron, rattlesnake, Arctic wolf).



20 task cards (color version and b&w version) with questions about rainforest animal adaptations. Questions were created directly from informational handouts included in the product. Cards are fashioned in the following format:

5 cards: fill-in the blank

5 cards: multiple choice

5 cards: write the answer

5 cards: true or false

An answer recording page is included. In order to reduce ink and/or number of copies, two answer recording sheets are included on one page. Color and black & white versions are available.



3 versions of a learning game focusing on rainforest animals and their adaptations.

1 set of rainforest animal cards (color and black & white).

1 set of cards with rainforest animal adaptations listed (B&W only).

1 set of clue cards with rainforest animal adaptations listed (B&W only).



25 full-color slides matching information provided in the informational handouts.


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