All-In-One Planner and Record Keeping

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Streamline your organization with the All-In-One Planner and Record Keeping resource that is perfect for non-traditional homeschoolers. 


All-In-One Planner and Record Keeping
All-In-One Planner and Record Keeping


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Stay organized while embracing the freedom that a non-traditional homeschool approach provides.  The All-In-One Planner and Record Keeping resource provides structure, inspiration and an ongoing system for tracking the learning that happens daily. 

This product offers a calendar format to suit mamas who are accustomed to a more traditional approach to homeschool planning, while providing a friendly layout that is flexible enough to adapt to various homeschool styles.  

The monthly and weekly calendars are designed to seamlessly cross over into a recording style that tracks learning (as opposed to lesson planning), supporting families who subscribe to a less structured educational approach.  

Additionally, this resource is full of inspiration and ideas to encourage and support you in a lifestyle of learning:

Lifestyle Learning Ideas for Each Month

This planner includes Lifestyle Learning ideas to spark inspiration and creativity.  Each month includes a focus topic with ideas to try, additional activities or ideas to consider that coordinate with the monthly topic, a hands-on activity that relates to the monthly focus, and a space for making note of other ideas you have that you’d like to implement. 

Ideas to Inspire Everyday Learning

Additionally, this planner is divided into four seasons (three months each) with Ideas to Inspire Everyday Learning for each season.  All together, these seasonal pages give you more than 40 ideas to inspire everyday learning all year long. 

What’s Included in the All-In-One Planner and Record Keeping Resource:

  • Monthly Cover Pages for Notes and Goals
  • Month at a Glance Calendar for Each Month (undated – can be used year after year!)
  • Weekly Learning Logs (with options to record learning by day or by subject)
  • Notes Pages
  • Reading Log
  • Field Trip Log
  • Project-Based Learning Record
  • Student Activity Log
  • Lifestyle Learning Ideas for Each Month
  • Ideas to Inspire Everyday Learning in Every Season
  • Parent Guide: How to Track Learning with a Lifestyle Learning Approach

How to Use This Resource for Record Keeping

The weekly recording pages give you a solid way to keep track of what your child is learning or experiencing each day, whether in daily format or organized by subject area.  The pages can be used for record keeping in different ways:

  • As a written record of learning growth
  • As pages to insert into a portfolio 
  • As a resource for writing up descriptions of “coursework” in each subject area at the end of a school year

This Product Is Perfect for Homeschool Styles Like:

  • Lifestyle Learning
  • Unit Studies
  • Unschoolers
  • Eclectic Styles
  • Relaxed Homeschoolers

The beauty of a non-traditional homeschool is that kids are learning all of the time, in a variety of ways.  This All-In-One Planner and Record Keeping resource provides parents with a format for practically tracking the learning that is taking place, and is the perfect companion to a non-traditional homeschool approach.


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