ABC Flashcards

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42 Sounds of the alphabet! These 5×3 1/2 inch flashcards are colorful, cute and fun! This set comes with 4 sets of flash cards: Letter and pictures, just letters, just pictures, blank, and letter tiles to build words.


ABC Flashcards


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Alphabet Phonics Flashcards

Do you need alphabet flashcards for practicing phonics? Grab this fun Synthetic flashcard set! Your child(ren) will enjoy the fun characters and pictures on these engaging flashcards. You can also practice building words with the bonus letter tiles!

If you are not familiar, the synthetic phonics method gets children reading and writing from an early age. This means that we teach letter sounds as opposed to the alphabet. These 42 letter sounds are phonic building blocks that children use to decode the English language. When reading a word, they recognize the letters and blend together the respective sounds; when writing a word, they identify the sounds and write down the corresponding letters. These skills are called blending and segmenting.

Grades: Pre-k, Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade

Can be used for Synthetic Phonics or Analytic Phonics


Cut and laminate cards and tiles.

Use individually or as a group.

Hang up flashcards as you learn a sound.

Challenge your kids with letter only or picture only flash cards!

37 pages

SATPIN Sounds s,a,t,i,p,n,c,k,e,h,r,m,d,g,o,u,i,f,b,ai,j,oa,ie,ee,or,z,w,ng,v,oo,y,x,ch,sh,th,qu,ou,oi,ue,er,ar (Alternate spelling included. ew,oy,ir)


A-Z Infinity Clipart

4 sets of flashcards: Letter and pictures, just letters, just pictures, blank, and letter tiles to build words.


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