2nd Grade Science Curriculum Questions and Answers

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This 2nd grace SCIENCE resource provides parents and homeschooling families with 174 progressive curriculum questions and answers that align with elementary learning targets and content standards for 2nd grade.
It encompasses scientific questions related to astronomy, biology, chemistry, ecology, Earth Science, geology, physics, and zoology.
Why Ask Me Smarter? Because it is kid-engaging in that the BRAIN cannot resist a question! Because it is a simplified and stream-lined format in interpreting an elementary school curriculum and prescribed learning targets! Because learning is optimized through progressive questioning and spaced retention! Because many of the questions reflect “I CAN” statements per grade level. Because it is a simple but important resource that serves to empower children with essential knowledge.
What state of matter is steam an example of? What tool do you need to measure the temperature of something? In which direction does a needle on a compass always point: North or South? What part of a plant are corn and peas examples of? Do plants and animals live in a specific habitat? Are some plants and animals considered producers? What is the first stage of a frog’s life? What are some plants and animals that live in the rain forest biome? How many hours does it take for the Earth to rotate one time on its axis: 12 hours or 24 hours? What does an anemometer measure: rainfall or wind speed? Are rocks and rock formations part of the study of Earth Science? Is a hammer considered a wedge or a lever? What is the climate like in our state for most of the year?
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Ask Me Smarter!

Donna M. Roszak is a resident of Wisconsin where she lives with her husband and two sons. In between taking care of her family and teaching Spanish, she writes simplified versions of school curriculum guides. She has lived and studied in both Spain and Mexico, and has led student groups to both Spain and Peru.

She believes that all home-schooling families share in her passion for helping children learn and grow, for empowering them with the reinforcement of essential knowledge and facts, and for providing them the tools to become life-long learners and informed members of our global society. Ask Me Smarter! Just the facts, never mind the bells and whistles!

2nd Grade Science Curriculum Questions and Answers