2D Shape Kaboom | Set 2

By: TutoringVault

Having students learn or review the basic 2D shapes, why not play Kaboom. Kaboom is a game, where one at a time students select a card from a selection and have to correctly answer the question on the card. In this case, naming the 2D figure presented on the card. If the student gets it correct they keep the card and return to their seat, if they get it wrong the card goes back into the pot. If a student pulls a Kaboom card, then that student has to return all of their cards back to the pot. the game ends when you run out of time because there will always be a kaboom to be pulled. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins. This set of Kaboom cards is still growing, it includes 17 identification cards and 6 Kaboom cards. Students are asked to Identify Squares, rectangles, hexagons, triangles, and circles represented by real-world items, such as picture frames and donuts. This product is presented in a ZIP file, please be sure you have the necessary technology to unzip it before purchasing.

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2D Shape Kaboom | Set 2