How to Choose a Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

How to Choose a Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

How to Choose a Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

You’ve decided to homeschool your preschooler, but you’re unsure where to begin. Luckily, homeschooling doesn’t have to be a complicated process. A quality homeschool curriculum will save you time and energy and ensure your child is set on a path to success.

Follow this guide to learn how to choose a preschool homeschool curriculum!

Sample the Curriculum

The first step to choosing a preschool homeschool curriculum is to sample it! You can read all the articles and reviews you want, but you won’t know if a preschool homeschool curriculum will work for you and your kid(s) until you try it.

Once you receive a sample of the curriculum, you’ll need to ask yourself a couple of questions. We’ll go into each question in more depth later in this article.

  1. Is this curriculum conducive to homeschool learning?
  2. Will the curriculum keep your child engaged?
  3. Does the curriculum align with a scope and sequence?
  4. Is the curriculum accessible/easy to use?
  5. Does the curriculum offer resources and support?

As you preview curriculums, keep these questions in mind. Answering them will help you determine if the curriculum is a good fit.

Find a Curriculum Designed for Homeschooling

While there are many great preschool homeschool curriculums out there, not all of them are specifically designed to meet the needs of homeschoolers.

When considering what homeschooling style was right for you, you most likely looked for a style that would best fit your family’s needs. You need to do the same with the curriculum you choose.

Standard curriculums are designed for classroom learning. They assume that your preschooler will have peers to interact with and access to materials that you may not have.

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Consider Montessori Homeschooling

Structured homeschooling methods like virtual school, school-at-home and the classical style may be quicker and easier to implement than others, but they require significantly more from you and your children in terms of time committed to instruction and paperwork.

And, they disallow one of my favorite benefits of homeschooling: schedule flexibility.

Montessori homeschooling is an incredible choice to make when looking at what homeschool curriculum to choose for your preschooler.

That said, it does require conscious efforts in terms of parenting that you may not be used to. You will need to be able to guide them gently, without limiting your child’s ability to choose what, how, or when they learn. If you and your children can self-direct and have respect for one another, Montessori may be a good fit.

Ensure that Your Curriculum is Designed for Student Interest

One of the key principles of Montessori education is that when a topic interests people, they’re likely to learn better. The goal is for your child to want to learn rather than feel forced to learn. Homeschooling provides a unique opportunity for you to control your child’s learning environment.

Preschool is a time of critical development for children. During this time, you want your child to learn to love learning, not loathe it.

The main goal of your curriculum should be to ignite curiosity in your child. You want them to feel proud of what they’ve learned. A curriculum with a child-centered educational approach will aid in this process.

Choose a Curriculum with a Scope and Sequence

It’s no secret that homeschooling a preschooler can overwhelm parents. If you’re just starting, you may feel like you’re drowning in standards and topics! But keep reading to learn How to choose a preschool homeschool curriculum that’s perfect for your family!

You need a learning program that meets or exceeds standards. A scope and sequence can help you determine the order in which skills should be taught. The goal of Montessori learning is to follow your child, but a simplified scope and sequence can help you maintain a sense of structure.

A quality curriculum will include a scope and sequence that lays everything out for you. This will make it easier for you to guide your child toward learning opportunities.

Select an Accessible, Inclusive Curriculum

As a homeschooling parent, your goal should be to support your child as they engage in self-regulated learning. You shouldn’t have to spend hours searching for instructional resources.

Save yourself time and frustration by choosing a preschool homeschool curriculum that does the planning for you. Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was select a lesson, print it, laminate it, and cut it out?

An accessible curriculum will be easy to navigate. You should love working on schoolwork with your child. If they notice your frustration with the curriculum, they’ll subconsciously take on that frustration as their own.

With Multisori’s preschool homeschool curriculum, the lesson instructions are direct. We list the supplies needed and a “What to Do” section.

Kids, especially at preschool age, love to ask, “why?” They’re learning and exploring, and it’s important that they feel comfortable enough to ask questions.

Multisori’s curriculum also includes a “Why Multisori Provides this Material” section. You can use this section to answer the never-ending “why” questions. By providing a solid answer to “why,” you’re able to encourage curiosity in your kid(s).

Look for a Curriculum that Offers Support

One of the downsides to homeschooling is that you may feel alone in your educational journey. When choosing a preschool homeschool curriculum, choose one with a supportive community that you can turn to for help.

A strong support system can make or break a homeschooling parent. Homeschooling your preschooler doesn’t have to be complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Studies have shown that parents want to be involved in their students’ education. A homeschool support group provides a way for parents to continue to grow and learn alongside their children. In addition, parents will be surrounded by other homeschooling parents in the same walk of life.

With the Multisori curriculum, you’ll unlock access to a support group full of resources and friendly faces. Homeschooling moms say they love the M3 curriculum because it allows them to connect with other parents.

Purchase a Quality Preschool Homeschool Curriculum Today

With this advice in mind, it’s time to do your research to find a curriculum that works for you. Sampling a curriculum will allow you to try it out for yourself and learn more about what you like and don’t like.

If you’re ready to be done searching for the perfect preschool homeschool curriculum, look no further than Multisori’s M3 curriculum. Our curriculum is designed for homeschooling, Montessori-aligned, and provides a community of support. A curriculum tailored to the needs of your child will help you feel confident in your homeschooling abilities.

As an added bonus, when you buy an M3 product, we’ll give one to a homeschooling family in need. Be a positive example for your child. Make a difference in the world while choosing a preschool homeschool curriculum they’ll love!

Author Bio: Mandi Zielinski is a homeschooling mom, and Founder of Multisori and the M3 curriculum.


You've decided to homeschool your preschooler, but you're unsure where to begin. Here's how to choose a preschool homeschool curriculum!

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