Mega Homeschool Party by Create Your Homeschool

We party on March 14-21, 2024

Contributor Sign-Up Page

I am so excited to see that you are interested in joining us for the Party! 🎉
Read through the details here on the page and then when you’re ready, sign up using the form below!

Contributor submissions are now closed!

Create Your Homeschool -

Here’s how it works ⤵️ 

Guests to the party will be able to show up and grab their Regular and / or Premium Goody Bag super easy! 

1. Enter their name and email for the Regular Goody Bag

2. Buy the Premium Goody Bag for just $27 

They’ll then be sent to the corresponding Party Page where they can pick and choose which of the goodies inside the bag that they want to access by clicking a button that says ‘I want this!’.

When someone clicks the button to access your product, they’ll be redirected to the page you’ve provided where they can sign up for it.

This will be a checkout page with a 100% discount code or it might be a special opt-in page you’ve created just for the party. Either way, they’ll be joining your list in order to access your product. Yay! New subscribers! 🥳

  • Party Guests will have one month to sign up for the things they would like, after that deadline, you are welcome to remove the opt-in page / coupon code.
  • Party Guests will also be able to sign up for as many things as they want inside the bag! Unlimited goodies for everyone! 🥰

Here’s why you should join!

  1. Hopefully, you’ll get a LOT of new subscribers who are interested in what you teach / create because they have chosen to specifically sign up for your resource!
  2. As a contributor, you will get an exclusive affiliate link to promote the Party! Unlike other affiliates, you’ll get double the commission! You’ll keep 80% of each sale of the Premium Goody Bag made through your unique affiliate link!
  3. You’ll get your name / brand in front of hundreds (maybe thousands!) of homeschool families, ultimately increasing the visibility of your brand!


Mega Homeschool Party by Create Your Homeschool

Participation Requirements

First, there are no email list or audience size requirements

Next, I have experience creating successful events and online bundles. I currently have an engaged email list of 24k+ homeschool moms, as well as an active Facebook group with over 30k homeschool families.

My hope is that this Party will be something unique, that will serve homeschool families well, and be something they look forward to! I really want commitment and engagement from contributors to help me achieve this goal – as we’ll all benefit from being a part of it.

So, I’m including a promo requirement, and an exclusivity requirement in order to participate in this Party:

1. Promo Requirement: During the Party (March 14-21, 2024) you agree to send:

  • ( 1 ) Dedicated email to your full email list promoting the event
  • ( 2 ) Social media posts to your largest / most engaged audience

You will receive a selection of graphics and swipe copy to make promo as easy as possible! 

2. Exclusivity Requirement: For the duration of the Party (March 14-21, 2024) you agree that you will not take part in, or promote, any other virtual event or bundle as a contributor to this Party (e.g. Speak at a summit or contribute to a bundle / giveaway that’s on sale / available during that time.)

Want to join us for the party?

You are welcome to submit ONE digital product, on any topic that would be helpful for homeschool families, to each Goody Bag. 

Depending on what you have created and your goals for participating in the Party, you may choose to only submit one product to one bag, and that is perfectly okay too!

*Create Your Homeschool reserves the right to not accept / include anything that go against our mission, beliefs, and / or values.

Mega Homeschool Party by Create Your Homeschool

Regular Goody Bag

A digital product you’ve created with a retail value of $5-$25.

Mega Homeschool Party by Create Your Homeschool

Premium Goody Bag

A digital product you’ve created with a retail value of $25-$100.


– Any product you submit must have been created by YOU. No PLR / Licensed Products will be accepted.

– Product must be instant-access (i.e. not a contest or raffle).

– Product must not be available (on your site) for free.

– Product must not include a 1:1 element due to the nature of not knowing how many people will sign up.

– Party attendees will need to be able to sign up and access your contribution without providing their credit card details.

– Once a Party attendee has signed up for your offer, you agree to treat them as though they had purchased that offer from you. 

In order to include your membership in the goody bag you MUST set it up so the guests not auto-charged at the end of the free period (i.e. they don’t have to give their credit card details in order to sign up.) You are, of course, welcome to follow up with them after the free month(s) and invite them to sign up as a paying member.

Sure! Just make sure they have ONE link to sign up for. 

The product MUST BE COMPLETE before you submit any info. If it’s complete, ready with a sign-up page, and delivery email following the sign up… You may submit it!

No, it must already exist and be available for people to purchase/access. If you would like to offer additional live support in the future, you are welcome to do that. But the thing they download must be full and complete.

Want to join us?

📆 Contributor Submissions CLOSE: February 23, 2024 at 11:59PM Est. No exceptions.