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Our homeschool reward system!

This week is our first full week back to homeschool! I am so excited for the new school year and our new homeschool reward system! Everything feels so fresh — maybe because the crisp fall air is settling in a little early this year, and / or the fact that we pushed our start date out to mid September — which is the smartest thing I’ve ever done, if I do say so myself!

Nevertheless, this year is going to be our best year yet – I can feel it!!

how we are encouraging good homeschool habits and behavior + our new homeschool reward system

One of the ways we are going to make this year awesome is my implementing a new homeschool reward system!

This homeschool reward system is focused more on encouraging GOOD behaviors in your homeschool, rather than focusing on the bad behaviors. This is essential to creating a great learning environment for everyone AND to keep homeschool fun (so that mom isn’t yelly all the time!)

So let’s chat about how we are encouraging good homeschool behaviors in our homeschool this year! PLUS you’ll get a look at our homeschool reward system, too!

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A successful homeschool reward system can help to keep students motivated and engaged.

Our Homeschool Reward System


What I thought I would do is talk to you guys a little bit about my plans for this coming year of our homeschool for behavior behavior management. This is an area that I have always wanted to focus on in our homeschool, because I feel like I’ve never 100% gotten that under control even from the beginning.

As I’m adding more students, as my kids are getting older… and the baby’s not a baby anymore, he’s part of our homeschool now. I feel like I need to get that under control. And so this year I have a couple things that I’m going to try. So I thought that I would just share those with you.

This is kind of the idea behind it. Two of the things that I’m gonna share with you today, we’ve already implemented as a family and they work really well. But my goal is to be more intentional about adding that to our day, rather than it just being something that we think about last minute.

So those are the two things I’m gonna show you today. And then there’s the new homeschool reward system or new part of the homeschool reward system that I wanna implement this year, and walk you through my process and thought process of making it. So let’s jump into that!

Our Homeschool Reward System

This PRINTABLE personalized behavior chart is the perfect addition to your family's daily homeschool routine, and great for any age!

So this is a chart that we’ve been using for a while now.

It usually hangs on our fridge, but I think I’m gonna create one or bring this one downstairs to where our homeschool space is and use it more for homeschool management, behavior management. In that way. This has been such a great homeschool reward system. For us, our kids have really loved this chart because, it’s not something where they immediately get a privilege taken away. They can kind of see how they’re doing and how their day’s going and what areas they need to work on.

So the way this works is, every single morning, ideally, some mornings we forget –when the kids get up, they will have their name on the green line and that’s ready for the day.

These little printouts that I did, I just printed on card stock and then laminated it. And then I added the Velcro to our chart into the back of their little name tags. So every morning, they’re on ready for the day. And then throughout the day, as they’re making good choices or they’re making bad choices, we either move them up or down.

Now, one of the things that I will say about this is my kids thrive on– and this may not be the same for every kid, but my kids thrive on seeing themselves being either orange or red. So the way I’m gonna use this in our homeschool is every morning I’m gonna have them on ready for the day.

And then as they’re making good choices in their homeschool, they’re listening, they’re being kind to each other, they’re speaking kindly, they’re working diligently… I will acknowledge that to them and move them up. And so the way that they move up is just by pulling their name tag off and moving it up, they can only move one spot at a time and sometimes I’ll let them move it up.

They, they like that satisfaction, I guess, to go and move their own name up. And I feel like that that does something psychologically that will help them realize like, “okay, I did a good thing, so I’m gonna go move up.”

And I’ve even had them ask, “Hey, I did this. Can I move up?” And those are some moments where. Like, I’m really excited about it because, it shows me that they’re like intentionally thinking throughout the day about the good things that they’re doing by having this chart where I’m not only just moving them down the entire day, they have opportunities to move up and to have a even better day.

Our Homeschool Reward System

I’m not just only looking for the bad things that they’re doing every day. It gives me the opportunity to grow as a mom, because I can look for the good things that my kids are doing every day as well. So this is gonna go this year is gonna go hand in hand with the new homeschool reward system that I’m gonna implement this year.

That I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about today as well. Personally, what we are going to do is if you lose a privilege, you can’t move back. That’s just, that’s what it is for that day, but they always have the chance the next day to start at ready for the day. Because I feel like everybody, even kids, even us as adults, we all need that fresh start every morning.

And so that’s something that I really want to implement with this chart with them. Now, if. One of my kids has gotten to superstar. During the day I’m not going to necessarily look for something intentional, unless it’s just really bad or it stands out. I want them to get that win as well as, as knowing that they made it to superstar.

So I’m not looking at every little thing to be nit picky, but I am making sure that they are making good choices and that they are doing their best to be able to do. Just in their day. And I, I feel like that that’s important. Especially as building, as we’re continuing to build their character as moms, as families, as homeschool families.

The other resource I want to share with you today is this wise words for moms. I got this on Amazon. It was like five bucks. But this has been awesome more so for me and being able to navigate the hard moments. Throughout the day. I really like the way this is set up to be able to show the kids like thought provoking or have them think about their actions and giving them thought provoking questions.

So this has been really helpful. I’ll show you kind of the inside of this, the lady who created this is ginger hub and she has actually has an app for this as well. So if you don’t wanna have something tangible, you could always download the app. It’s the exact same thing. It’s just through an app and I think it’s like two or $3 maybe.

On the app store, the first page kind of tells you an overview of how to use this chart, but it’s super easy to grasp once you kind of understand it. So the beginning I’ll show you the first page. Basically what it does is it goes through your child’s behavior. So let’s see complaining. So there’s a child’s behavior is complaining.

Then what you do is you look at the heart probing questions. So the question is, is your attitude showing thankfulness and contentment, then you allow your kid to answer that. So what this does is it gives you a resource to, as a mom to ask your kid a thought provoking question rather than yelling at them or putting them in time out or whatever your discipline choice is, but it gives you an opportunity to have a conversation rather than a lecture moment with them.

And this has been really helpful. If I ask my kids is your attitude showing thankfulness and contentment? That is a very specific question that they can, that they can comprehend in their mind of saying, okay, am I being thankful in this moment? Or am I just complaining? And it gives them the opportunity to think about their own behavior themselves, rather than just listening to me, tell them why their behavior is bad.

So I really like that. And then she goes on to put the reproof, which is kind of what you put off. So the, the complaining part of their behavior she gives you a Bible verse to reference as far as what God doesn’t like about complaining. And so it’s Philippians two 14, do everything without complain.

Our Homeschool Reward System

And arguing. So I like that. And then, but then she tells you something to put on, which is the encouragement that you can give your kid. Directly from the Bible. And that is thankfulness. It is God’s will that you be thankful and joyful in all circumstances in us first though, Solon five 16 through 18, she also gives you additional verses on the side, which I think is really helpful.

We haven’t really taken the time to look those up because typically once I walk through this with them, their attitudes changed. They’ve calmed down, I’ve calmed down and it’s just been a really really good resource to have we have this hanging on the fridge just so I can go reference. It’s kind of in the middle of the house and I can go reference it anytime I need it.

But I also downloaded the app just in case we’re out. I can use that as well to walk them through these questions. So this has been a really helpful resource. I’ve linked this in the description below. If you want to go grab it. Absolutely worth every single penny, the last behavior management tool that I’m going to share with you, that we are going to implement this year in our homeschool is I want to do some type of homeschool reward system.

So if you’ve been around my blog or me long enough, you know, That I like to reference the office a lot. My husband and I have watched the office a couple of times. He’s watched it multiple times, but it is, it’s something that’s just such a fun laugh. And we like to reference it just to be funny and just to have like a fun reference back and forth.

So I like to bring that into my brand, anytime that I can. Just because I think it’s fun. And especially if I meet somebody else who also gets the reference and they laugh about it, then I just feel like that’s just an extra connection. So it’s been really fun using like gifts and quotes and things like that inside my brand.

So if you’re not an office fan, there is a moment in the office where one of the workers, his name’s Dwight his last name is. And he makes Schrute Bucks– The whole scene is hilarious, but I really like that idea of creating a buck for our homeschool. So I’ve created Yount bucks for our homeschool. And so what we’re going to do is I’m going to create a homeschool reward system for my kids to go shopping with their Yount bucks.

At the end of the week, I ordered one of these shoe organizers. That’s like over the door. So I’ll just probably hang it over one of these doors back here where they can have like a little shopping area, but I’m gonna put in inside of each pocket, like a number of shuck bucks that, that costs.

And so every pocket will have a different thing that they can shop. Maybe I’ll go to the dollar tree or like Oriental trading just to get like little. To put in there seasonal items, I think would be fine. Candy would be a big hit for our house because we don’t really put a lot of candy.

Actually. We don’t even buy candy for our house. Unless it’s just here, like for Halloween or something like that. , but that’s not something that’s like regularly on my shopping list. So I think I’m gonna buy that and put it in there as well that they can buy at the end of the week. But then also I think I want to do something that’s like a little bit more creative, so maybe it’s something like You don’t have to do a chore that day.

Like you can no chores for a day kind of thing, where they, that they can purchase with their young bucks. Or maybe something like you can skip a math test or something like that, where it’s just like a little more creative, not necessarily something that they’re gonna get that is a reward, but something that they’ve earned, that they can look at it and say, I’ve earned the, the ability to not be able to do a chore for the day or something like that, rather than it just being.

A prize that they can turn in with their bucks. But the other thing that I love about this homeschool reward system as well, not only are they gonna get excited about earning the bucks. Throughout the week, but it’s also gonna give them a taste of like budgeting. So they’ll be able to either spend their bucks immediately, whatever, whatever they’ve per or whatever they’ve earned that week, they’ll be able to spend it at the shop at the end of the week, or they can save for something that’s a little bit, maybe more expensive.

I’m not gonna give them the opportunity to have a get out of math test free card every single week. They’re gonna have to save up their bucks to be able to earn. Because it’s something that’s a little bit more special and a little bit of higher value. So I haven’t really nailed down exactly what it’s gonna look like for them to be able to earn their yacht bucks throughout the week.

Our Homeschool Reward System

However, I do know that three things, three opportunities they’re gonna have right off the top of my head that they will be able to earn a buck four and that’s going to be being kind to, to each other. First of all they’re gonna get that if they’re kind to their brothers and sisters throughout the.

Then at the end of the day, they’re definitely gonna get a bug for that. Doing their chores diligently and cheerfully is another thing. They, they don’t have many chores every single day that they have to do. But they do have set chores every day. That’s on top of their responsibility. Just as being a member of our family, those chores need to get done without complaining, without grumbling.

And then the third thing is doing school happily as well. It’s definitely something that I. Make sure that I let them or remind them of every single time is that the opportunity that we have to homeschool is a hundred percent a privilege. And we should not take that lightly. We should be grateful for that every single day, because there’s so many kids and families out there who don’t have the same opportunities that we have, and we should be happy that we have that privilege and be thankful for it and always show up to do our best.

And so I get that like there’s days where even I don’t wanna show up and do my. , but it’s important that we kind of push all that behind us and we get it done. And so those days where they show up and I’m really seeing that they’re doing their best in their schoolwork, and they’re trying to do it with a happy heart.

Those are the days they’re gonna get an extra buck to spend at the shop. Then as a bonus, any of my kids who get all the way to the top are also going to get an extra buck. They have the opportunity right there to at least get four bucks per day. And so I really think that this is gonna be a great homeschool reward system for them to be able to just earn something and not just.

Do school or go through life through the motions or have a good attitude just because mommy says, so like it’s gonna give them something tangible that they can actually earn in the process. But also throughout that, it’s sneaking in those moments of that like secret learning, where they’re developing really good habits to be good human beings.

And that is all. That I could really ask for . So that is the homeschool reward system that I am going to definitely have in place this year for our homeschool. I’ll continue to give updates throughout the year, as far as like how that’s going. Maybe I’ll update what special things we’re adding into our shop throughout the month and the year.

If that’s something you guys would like to see, make sure that you subscribe. And if this video is helpful for you, please hit the like button and Le maybe leave in the comments something that you enjoyed from this video or something that you’re gonna implement yourself in your own homeschool.

Thank you for watching. I hope y’all have a really great week. I hope we have a really great week regarding our first week of homeschool for this year. If you want to follow along with our homeschool journey, you can find me on Instagram. At create your homeschool and I’ll be kind of showing a little behind the scenes in stories.

As we go throughout our day, this year.

Our Homeschool Reward System

A successful homeschool reward system can help to keep students motivated and engaged. A homeschool reward system can be tailored to each student’s individual needs, such as a points system for completing assignments, or a fun activity for a job well done. Establishing clear expectations and guidelines for the homeschool reward system will help to ensure that your homeschool reward system is effective. Encourage your student to strive for excellence and reward positive behaviors to create a positive learning environment with your very own homeschool reward system.

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