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“Mama and Me” Bible Reading Plan: Week 4

Mama and me Bible reading plan: Week 4

A few weeks ago I purchased a hands-on Bible for my kids. Kallie, who is 2, loves reading and has been very interested in their new Bible. We were reading a story in the New Testament a few days ago and I pointed at a picture of Jesus and said, “Who’s this?” She immediately said, “Daddy!” I of course told her that that was Jesus, and she would repeat it after me. But every time we turned the page, Jesus was “Daddy”.

Now, it was definitely cute, and she doesn’t know any better. But isn’t that the point? When people see us, they should see Jesus. Especially our children.

Day 22: Jesus at the temple – Luke 2:41-52

Why do you think Jesus stayed at the Temple even though his parents left?
What did he say to his mother when she essentially asked why he had scared them to death?

Day 23: Jesus’ first miracle – John 2: 1-12

Why do you think Jesus decided to change the water into wine, when he had already told his mother that it wasn’t time for him to do his first miracle yet?
What does this miracle tell you about faith?

Day 24: Jesus sends the disciples out and at Mary and Martha’s house – Luke 10

Who do you think you are like the most, Martha or Mary?
According to Jesus, what is the most important thing? (10:42)

Day 25: Crucifixion – John 18 & 19

What is the garden called where Jesus went to pray?
What did Jesus say right before he died? What does this tell you about forgiveness?

Day 26: Resurrection and Ascension – John 20 & 21, Acts 1

Who was the first person to see Jesus after he rose from the dead?
What did the angels say after Jesus ascended into heaven?

Day 27: Holy Spirit in the upper room – Acts 2

What is the significance of flames of fire do you think?
Why was it so important for the disciples to wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit before they started spreading the Gospel?

Day 28: Steven stoned – Acts 7

Why was Steven killed?
What is something that stands out about his testimony?

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