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“Mama and Me” Bible Reading Plan: Week 2

Mama and me bible reading plan – Week 2

I don’t know about you, but I love history. And reading the history of how Israel became a nation fascinates me! While I know the first few books of the Septuagint can be a bit mind-numbing, it’s all a piece of our heritage. After all, we have been grafted into the family of God, which is so humbling and miraculous in itself. Even if history is not your thing, I hope you and your family enjoy this weeks’ study as we dive into Exodus and the judges, ending with Saul as he is set up as Israel’s first king.

Day 8: Joseph and the famine – Genesis 37, 41, 42:1-3, 45

  1. Why did Joseph’s brothers throw him in the pit?
  2. Do you think Joseph’s story turns out alright in the end? What does the Bible say about when bad things happen to us?

Day 9: Exodus from Egypt – Exodus 1 & 2, 8:1-4

  1. Why do you think God told the Hebrews not to eat leavened bread during the passover? What is the significance of that?
  2. Which of the plagues would have been the worst, in your opinion? Why were the magicians able to do the same miracles as Moses was at the beginning?

Further reading: The Plagues

A. Frogs – Exodus 8:5 – 7
B. Gnats – Exodus 8:16-18
C. Flies – Exodus 8: 20-21
D. Plague on Livestock – Exodus 9: 1-4
E. Boils – Exodus 9: 8-12
F. Hail – Exodus 9: 13-19
G. Locusts – Exodus 10: 1&2
H. Darkness – Exodus 10: 21-23
I. Plague on the Firstborn – Exodus 11

Day 10: 40 years of wandering – Numbers 14; Deuteronomy 34

  1. Why did God make the Israelites wander in the desert for 40 years?
  2. What does this tell you about trusting and obeying the voice of God?

Day 11: Into the Promised Land – Joshua 1 & 2; Joshua 24

  1. What did God tell Joshua in Chapter 1, verse 9?
  2. How does that apply to us today?

Day 12: Gideon – Judges 6 & 7

  1. What do you notice about where Gideon was when God met with him?
  2. How many men did Gideon take with him to fight the Midianites? What is your favorite part about how God saved the Israelites during the “battle”?

Day 13: Ruth and Naomi – Ruth 1- 4

  1. What stands out to you most about the story of Ruth?
  2. What can we learn about her life and apply it to our lives today?

Day 14: Samuel and Saul – 1 Samuel 1, 3, 8, 10

  1. God decided to use Samuel from a very young age. Do you think God wants to use you in the same way? Explain.
  2. If Saul was called by God to be king, why did he hide?

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