This has been a year of gratitude and faithfulness and boldness in our home. We have been blessed with extra income - here's how it happened.

I’ve contributed over $6000 to our family this year as a stay-at-home mom

First of all – I am a 1,000% believer in the stay-at-home mama role of managing the home and kids without ever seeing a dime to her name.

My husband is amazing. He has never once made me feel like I HAD to contribute financially. In fact, every time I send him a message showing him I’ve made a few bucks, he’s encouraged me to spend it on myself.

So, if you’re a stay-at-home mom and do not financially contribute, there is no shame in that game, friend! However, if you want to earn a few bucks for extra pampering now and then, keep reading! You might see something you could do as well!

This has been a year of gratitude and faithfulness and boldness in our home. We have been blessed with extra income - here's how it happened.

I’m going to be honest, writing that title really had my mind blown. I had no idea how much I actually contributed this year, but that averages out to a little over $625 a month (I’m only counting January through October of 2019!)

That was the house payment at our old house, y’all!

I love being able to contribute financially, but most importantly I love the creative outlet a little mama-hustling can bring.

We’re about to enter into a fun, scary, exciting, overwhelming season full of gratitude. And I can’t wait to share more about that with you. But with that season comes added stress of financial security (or lack thereof).

Here’s the thing… With little risk, there’s little reward. And while the Lord can literally do whatever He wants in our lives, we are trusting that this next step in faith will not return void.

With all that being said, my financial contribution is not only something I am grateful to be able to do but something that will allow us more opportunity in this next season.

You may not have a big, scary season coming up. You may not need extra cash. But you’re here, reading this for a reason, so I’d think about what that reason is and go for it! You’re never going to get anywhere standing still 🙂

Okay! Let’s dive into what I contributed and how!

Starting with the highest contribution, I made $4,039.51 (and earned TWO sixth generation iPads) from January to October 2019 by partnering with a debt-free network marketing business.

Now, here me out.

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I was the girl who tried it all – I LOVE sales. But never have I ever partnered with such a driven, humble, compassionate business. In fact, I started out using the products first, because I had told myself (and the friend who shared it with me) that I would never be in network marketing again.

God really had His hand on this one. There is no way I did it on my own! The night I earned the second iPad, I literally made the last sale I needed at 11:30 PM ON THE LAST DAY OF THE PROMOTION! Talk about Jesus!!

Because the company is debt-free, they share more with their ambassadors and contribute to charities often. Which I love! Literally, the compensation plan is the best I’ve seen! There are 11 different ways to earn!

The amazing thing about network marketing is the potential for residual income.

My family and I went through a tough time mentally and spiritually over the summer. One day I might share that story here (I’ve already written the post! ha!) or I might not. Nevertheless, I pulled back from everything and went into my little shell.

From July through October, I literally did NOTHING with the business. I didn’t post, I didn’t follow up, I didn’t message my team. I ghosted the whole thing and never looked back.

Now, I’m not saying this is a practice you should develop in your network marketing business, but I am saying that the residual income from the work I did at the beginning of the year had me so grateful!

In case you’re wondering, during that three-month hiatus, my residual income was over $1,670! An average of about $556 a month!

Literally, I’m blown away as I’m typing this. The Lord has blessed this partnership from day one and He keeps reminding me that this is what He wants for me.

At the end of 2018, when I was choosing my word for 2019 (BOLD!), I kept hearing Him say that He has so much in store for me, I just need to take the bold step to receive it.

It’s been tough, but I’m still taking those steps to boldness as the year is ending. And I’ve made the decision to run after all He has planned for me, especially with this network marketing opportunity in this next season.

The biggest tip I can give you is to make sure you know the ins and outs of the compensation plan before you make the decision to join a network marketing business.

You can get passionate about any useful product to sell, as long as it aligns with your core values as a human. The income happens in the compensation plan though.

If you want to chat more about the compensation plan for the network marketing company I am partnered with, head over to Instagram and send me a message!

Whew! Okay – Moving on to my next moneymaker!

I contributed $2,000 to our family this year by becoming an expert in one of my skills and offering those services to a local non-profit here in North Carolina.

My passions include creativity and design. So I spent most of 2018 developing that skill and then pitched the idea to help with marketing to the non-profit. I created a portfolio and gave them a proposal of the key events I could help them with that year.

I ended up doing more than proposed and donated over $5,000 worth of time. But the experience is one I’ll hold onto for a while.

I’m not sure I will have time in this next season to take on a local client at that level again. But finding something you’re good at (or want to learn) and then using it to connect with or help local businesses is a great way to contribute to your family! And your community!

Because it was something I loved doing, it was fun for me.

So all the extra donated hours weren’t that bad!

  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn?
  • Is there something you’re really good at?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What local business do you dream of working with? And what do they need?

Figure that out, work really hard at becoming an expert in that field, and pitch your service! The worst thing that could happen is they say no. And then, guess what… You simply ask what they’re looking for and how you could improve. OR you just move on to the next place!

Facebook groups are a great way to find virtual clients as well! I’ve found a few that way. But the market is saturated with “I can do it all” people. They usually have really low rates to get the sale too. So, it’s hard to compete with that when you’re an expert in one area and know your worth.

This is why finding a local client is great!

You become an expert in your own town. Before you know it, you’re the go-to for every business needing help with what you offer!

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Okay – the last area of moneymaking for this mama. Etsy.

Now, I love to be creative and make things, but I don’t have the desire or time to make and promote and package and ship. Instead, I use Etsy as a platform to market things I want to sell OR digital products I’ve created!

I’ve contributed over $245 in the last two months by opening an Etsy shop.

I am all about efficiency and automation. Etsy makes it easy to create a listing for a digital product one time. Then continue to bring in an income on that one item multiple times.

For example, I created an un-dated digital planner starter kit and put it on Etsy. When someone purchases it, it’s automatically downloaded for them to use. Nothing but a “Thanks for your order!” note gets sent from me!

Regardless of how many orders come in for that digital product, buyers can continue to purchase it without it “running out of stock” as long as I keep the listing active on Etsy!

Talk about passive income!

I also put a few vintage items up for sale on Etsy and have sold a bit of that inventory. Those are physical items. So, when an order comes in I have to take the time to package and ship it. I definitely love the automatic download version of sales, but making the package pretty and sending it off to a new home is fun too!

There are so many options for what you can do on Etsy.

I would suggest taking some time to browse through the different shops. See what’s trending and brainstorm how you can capitalize on those sales. The key is to do something that will make you stand out!

  • What is the market wanting that you can create?
  • How will you make it different than others you’ve seen?
  • What will make buyers come to you instead of your competition?

I am so grateful for the opportunity to contribute to my family in a financial way. I really hope this helps another stay-at-home mom brainstorm some ways you can bring in an extra income while loving on your babies too!

Can’t wait to connect with you over on Instagram!


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