Make reading fun without going to the library!

Keep homeschool reading fun without going to the library!

Ever spent your hard earned money on books just to have them destroyed… or only used once 😅? Do you despise packing up all the kids and trucking to the library (where are my families with multiple kids 🙋🏼‍♀️😩 the struggle is real!!)??

I get it, reading is important. Independent reading, reading books out loud, reading curriculum instructions over and over again.. 😉 It’s all important. But sometimes, the hassle of getting some GOOD READING in, doesn’t feel worth it.

I’ve been right where you are.

The kids won’t sit quietly while mommy reads a perfect story like all of the Instagram mamas show videos of. Then you (I) get frustrated with the hassle of reading to your (my) kids and pretty soon the joy for reading starts to fade.

And worse yet — Your kids pick up on the lack of enthusiasm when you’re reading to them and start to develop a hatred towards reading as well.


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What if I told you creating a FUN reading environment for your homeschool is possible!

And what if I told you that you could do it for FREE?!

Hint: It’s all in the delivery!!

Stop unintentionally encouraging your kids to despise reading… Instead, make it fun, encourage their curiosity, and feed their excitement by trying a few of these resources for your homeschool reading time!

Keep homeschool reading fun without going to the library
  • Find the books you want to read on YouTube! There are a lot of people reading books on YouTube these days! Our favorite ones to watch are the astronauts reading children’s books on the International Space Station! YES! They’re IN SPACE!!
  • Download your local public library app and get books on your phone! This is great for independent reading too! Apps like Hoopla, Libby, OverDrive, and Axis360 are some of the most common apps used.
  • Download a fun reading app like Epic! This is a perfect option for independent reading, as well as read-aloud time, as the books can be read out loud back to you!
  • Grab a Kids Fire Tablet from Amazon and use the reading apps inside! The Bible app for kids is available there, as well as other fun reading apps and reading games! We LOVE our Fire tablets!
  • Storyberries.com is a CUTE website with lots of read-aloud stories + poems for kids!

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