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I remember making the decision to homeschool our kids.

The unsolicited advice from e v e r y o n e , accompanied by my lack of self-confidence really make our first year a little crazy. But I quickly found a way to push past all of the chatter + dive head first into creating a homeschool WE love. And ever since, our homeschooling has been a dream!

No matter who I talk to, I hear the same story over and over again..

Homeschool families get stuck. Their motivation + excitement wears off and soon they find themselves in this cycle of mundane worksheets and just checking the box of homeschooling.

But homeschooling is meant to be more than just checking the box. It’s meant to provide freedom, create flexibility, enhance curiosity, + help your kids develop a true love for learning!

And if that’s something you want for your homeschool, keep reading!

I’ve noticed three distinct problems (all at different stages of homeschooling) that families run into:

  1. Families make the choice to start homeschooling, only to start researching how to get started + quickly find themselves overwhelmed with all of the choices they have to make. What supplies they need, which curriculum is best, what records they need to keep… It can be paralyzing to some families, to the point that they completely give up on their dream to homeschool!
  2. Families get overwhelmed with the big homeschool picture of fulfilling their children’s educational requirements + they freeze. Consistency becomes a huge problem – either because they have too much information at their finger tips or because homeschooling isn’t fun anymore.
  3. Families have been stuck in their one-homeschooling-wayever since they started and they become blind to the fact that kids need fun, fresh experiences every now and again.

If you can relate to any of these homeschool problems that I run into often as a homeschool coach, I want to invite you to join me as a member of the Homeschool Mama Academy!

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As a member, you’ll get access to:

  • Start Your Homeschool – My signature course for new homeschool families that will walk you through opening your homeschool step-by-step.

    You’ll not only learn the technical side of opening your homeschool, but we will also work together to create a solid foundation for your homeschool so that you can be confident in your choice + set up a successful learning experience for your kids!
  • Consistency Crew – A dedicated community of homeschool mamas who just want help being consistent!

    You’ll get weekly notifications sent right to your phone + access to a chat thread to be able to ask questions, help others, and stay motivated!

In additional to these two HUGE opportunities, you’ll also get exclusive members-only pricing FOR LIFE (as long as you are a member) + access to all of the monthly content that I’ll be adding to help us all create a homeschool we love!

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