Build a full unit study in just 5 days!

This email challenge will help homeschool mamas:


➕ Brainstorm a unit study topic

➕ Learn how to research ideas + information for unit studies

➕ Create an outline for a unit study

➕ Gather resources, activities, videos, and more for the unit study

➕ Write a full 3 – 7 week unit study for their homeschool

PLUS! Get these freebies inside the challenge:


💕 FREE Trello board template + mini training

💕 FREE Google Docs template to write your unit study

💕 FREE Printable outline + unit study planner

💕 FREE List of 60 unit study ideas 

Hey mama! My name is Shela – I’m a wife and second-generation homeschool mama of three. I’m passionate about helping other homeschool mamas see the joy in homeschooling. I don’t want to just provide resources and printables for you, I want to help you be the best version of YOU that you can be, so that you can create a homeschool you love! This space isn’t meant to make you feel inadequate because homeschooling is “too expensive” or make you feel less-than because you simply can’t get through an entire curriculum “on time”. Rather, I hope this space shows you that YOU are the leader of your homeschool and those feelings are non-existent when you’re truly creating a homeschool you love. Let me help you do that by jumping into this 5-day challenge to build a full unit study for your homeschool! Once you get a taste of creating fun things for your kids to learn with, it will be hard for you to go back to purchasing everything for your homeschool 😉 

This challenge is for you if:


🎉 You’re tired of buying “resources” for your homeschool 

🎉 You want to find joy in homeschooling

🎉 You want to learn how to create a unit study

🎉 You’re feeling blah with homeschooling + need new ideas

🎉 You want to create homeschool unit studies to sell to other families