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“I am…” Bible Reading Plan: Week 4

Mothers in the bible verses is a four-part study written by Nicole Boyd. Nicole is the owner of Wonderfully Fashioned, a handmade jewelry brand featuring tattered lace and wire-wrapped gems. She wants to be a voice for women all over the world, stating that her pieces are simply physical reminders of the treasure God created you to be. Nicole gives a portion of each sale to Exodus Cry, an organization working hard to fight human trafficking all over the world. Take a few minutes to get to know her over on Instagram and let her know how much you loved this study!

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I am a perfectionist. I like to make people happy, and it was always something I struggled with growing up. I started singing on our worship team when I was eleven and I’ve served there ever since. I love worship, but when I first got started, I used it to make myself feel good about my relationship with God. There was a time that I was on worship almost every week, and I felt burnt out. But I also felt like I couldn’t say no, afraid that I would let people down or they wouldn’t love me as much. 

When I graduated high school and went to Bethel School of Ministry, I felt like God told me not to try out for the worship team. My friends and family were pretty shocked by this. Being a good worship leader had become a part of my identity, and during my year at ministry school, He showed me that I don’t have to do anything to gain His approval, or try to gain it from the people around me. 

I turned twenty about a month after starting school at Bethel. My roommates all wrote prophetic and encouraging words for me as a birthday gift. One of my friends wrote something very simple, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. She said, “The world has many expectations for you, but God has only one: to be His daughter.” I realized that if I never did anything else for God during my life, He would still love me. His love is not conditional, it doesn’t hinge on whether I do good works or not. He simply loves me because He loves me. It is Who He is!

Now, I worship from the overflow of Jesus’ love instead of trying to earn His love by doing good works. He loves you because He loves you! That’s it, plain and simple. Have there been times in your life that you have tried to earn God’s love by doing good things? 

Have there been times in your life that you have tried to earn God’s love by doing good things?

Bible Reading Plan:

Day 1: “I am Kind” – 1 Corinthians 13:5

Day 2: “I am Selfless” – 1 John 3:18; John 15:13

Day 3: “I am Anointed” – Hebrews 13:20-21

Day 4: “I am Wise” – Matthew 7:24

Day 5: “I am Just” – Psalm 1:1-3

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