how to use trello for your homeschool

How to use Trello for homeschool

How to use Trello for homeschool is quickly becoming a hot topic around most mamas. It honestly caught me off guard because I’ve been using Trello in some way or another for different business projects throughout the last five years. I thought everyone knew what Trello was!

Nevertheless, I see that among most mamas, Trello seems to be a little overwhelming and they can’t see how it can be used in their homeschool.

If that’s you, grab the Trello training in my shop! It comes with a Homeschool Management Board template so that you can learn the basics of Trello and then jump right into managing your homeschool with little-to-no setup 🙂 Click here to download!

Ok! If you’re wondering HOW you could use Trello for homeschool, I’m sharing some of my favorite ways in the list below! These are simple, yet practical ways Trello can make your homeschooling so much more organized! Let’s jump into it 🙂

How to use Trello for homeschool is becoming a hot topic - Here's how you can use it to manage and plan for your homeschool! PLUS - A free list of Trello board ideas!

Once you learn how to use Trello for homeschool, here’s what you can do! 

1. Assignments

Trello has this awesome feature that allows you to create “teams” within each board. When a board is shared with a certain team (whether that’s you and your kids, you and your husband, or whoever) you can assign certain cards or tasks to different members of the team.

You can even add due dates, too!

This is a feature we’ve been playing around with for assigning homeschool work. Our daughter would rather work independently to get her school completed for the day on her own time. Now that we know how to use Trello for homeschool, I will be only assigning her projects and work through Trello!

2. Memory Keeping

Trello has the option to save photos and files right to a list or card! We like to use this feature to keep memories from the month / year in our portfolio board.

Our state doesn’t require that we keep a portfolio, but I just like to keep things digitally for my own sanity and assurance 🙂

You can use an app like Scannable to take a photo for worksheets or artwork and it will turn it into a PDF that you can keep on a portfolio board on Trello! Or simply upload your favorite photos from a field trip or activity and keep those there as well!

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3. Reading Logs

We use our reading logs to track books that we loved and want to read again, books we want to get for our read-aloud library, our public library wishlist, and even keeping up with what books we’ve borrowed on our library card (remember, there’s a due date option inside of a Trello card!)

I’ve got two more ideas for how to use Trello for homeschool!

4. Chores

Use the teams feature to assign chores for the week! Within our Homeschool Management Board, we have lists for daily tasks (including checklists for each thing that needs to happen for that chore to be complete – or is it just my kids who like to take shortcuts? Ha!)

We also keep up with projects that need to be done throughout the house, rotating chores, seasonal tasks, etc.

5. Calendars

We have boards for our weekly homeschool calendar, monthly field trips, attendance, family calendar… all. the. things.

Within Trello, you can use Power-Ups. With the free plan, you get one free power-up per board, which is amazing! I have Trello Gold and get three per board, but before I decided to shuck out $5 a month (yes, that’s it!) I almost always chose the calendar power-up for my boards! It’s so easy to use and convenient!

Okay! There’s five different ways for how to use Trello for homeschool!

Ps. Trello has an app, which just makes all of this planning and managing even more awesome! So, now that you know how to use Trello for homeschool, check it out -> Click here.

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