How to Create a Product

Be sure to follow these instructions carefully so that you will successfully upload your products to the Create Your Homeschool Shop!

New Product Upload Walk-through

Make sure you are logged in to the back-end of your shop!


Click to Create A New Product

Click To Create A New Product

Add the name of your product at the top of the screen.

Best practices:

  • Use a SEARCHABLE term as your product title
  • Make it short and easy to read
  • Do NOT keyword-stuff your title


GOOD EXAMPLE TITLE: “Counting By Twos Spring Worksheet”

BAD EXAMPLE TITLE: “Counting By Twos | Skip Counting Worksheet | Twos Worksheet | Spring-Themed Worksheet | Butterfly Worksheet”

Enter Your Product Title Here

Follow product description template by clicking on “Get The Template” below to write a great product description!

Enter Main Product Description

Format your description with SHORT paragraphs, bolded text, H2 or H3 headings, and bullet points!

Use Text Formatting In Description

Choose a competitive product price!  Products ending in .99 tend to sell faster!

Enter Price Of Product

OPTIONAL — Add a sale price and schedule your beginning and end sale dates.

Enter Sale Price

Click Add File

Click To Add Product File

Click Choose File to upload the product file that will be downloaded by your customer!

Click Choose File

Select the Product File you want to add to your product

Click To Upload Product File To Media Library

Click Insert File URL at the bottom

Click Insert Product URL

Customize the File Name if you’d like

Customize The Product File Name Here
Scroll Down To Next Section Of Product Page

Add a SHORT DESCRIPTION to help your product be found in the shop by customers, and to gain more traffic.

Write A Short Product Description Here

Copy & paste the name of your product in the Focus Keyword box

Enter The Name Of Your Product In The Keyword Box

Download the PRODUCT TAGS info sheet below to follow the best practices for tagging your products in the shop so that they can be found in search!

Product Tags Info Sheet
Add Relevant Product Tags

Choose RELEVANT categories so that your products can be found in the shop!

Hint: Always choose at least one grade OR select “not grade specific” before adding additional categories!

Select Relevant Product Categories
Scroll To Top Of Product Page

Click SET PRODUCT IMAGE to upload a product cover photo that will entice customers to click through to your product!

Design your own or use our templates! Access our product templates by clicking the Product Templates button below.

Product Templates
Add A Featured Product Image (This Is The Product Cover Photo)

Click ADD PRODUCT GALLERY IMAGES to upload additional preview images for your product here!

Add Other Product Images To The Gallery

Click PUBLISH to make your product live in the shop!

Publish Your New Product