homeschooling pros and cons

Homeschooling Pros + Cons | The advantages + disadvantages of homeschool from a 2nd-gen homeschooler

Have you noticed that homeschooling is a hot topic these days? Regardless of the current state of our world, you need to make the best decision possible for educating your kids.

Whether you choose to homeschool during quarantine or for the long-haul, this list of homeschool pros and cons will help you make that decision for your family.

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Here’s a quick view of the advantages of homeschooling:

  • More quality time with our family
  • Kids have time to be a kid
  • No homework
  • Less stress at bedtime
  • Weather advantages
  • No bullying
  • More time for creativity
  • Customizable learning
  • You get to influence your kids
  • PJ day… every day 🙂

Here’s my opinion on the disadvantages for homeschooling:

  • A lot more time spent together
  • Your grocery bill increases
  • You have to learn how to field stupid questions
  • Mom-time is hard to find
  • The mom guilt is real (Spoiler Alert: You will not mess up your kids!)
  • Homeschooling can be expensive

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons and honestly… the cons aren’t even that bad 🙂

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I sat down with a few other homeschooling mamas and we chatted about being frugal in your homeschool. So I created a list of the best ways we’re frugal in our homeschool and included a few of their ideas as well!

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