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Shop the NEW Create Your Homeschool Shop SALE!! — Grand Reopening Info!!

Can I share a dream with you?

For a while now, I’ve had this tugging on my heart to completely revamp this space on the internet. I want to make Create Your Homeschool a space where homeschool mamas like you can feel supported, encouraged, and have everything you need at your fingertips! 

I’ve been working non-stop (literally, ask my family!) to bring this dream into reality.

I’ve updated products, started writing blogs again, created content on our Facebook Group, started an incredible membership community, and it has truly be amazing to watch all of this passion and vision inside of my head burst into reality!

Now, I’m ready to launch the next phase of Create Your Homeschool. Want to hear more about it? Keep reading.

the one stop homeschool shop for families

Create Your Homeschool is a space where you can get resources + support to help you create a homeschool that brings you joy. We don’t do traditional homeschooling around here… We create a learning experience that is unique to our family and something we are love! 

One thing that has been lacking in this space, that I wasn’t quite sure how to make happen, is to provide resources for every walk of life in homeschooling. Mamas love my vision and mission, but often can’t find something that fits their specific needs in that moment. 

And I needed to fix that!

So, I was doing what every great woman is doing when she has her best ideas – taking a shower – and it hit me. 🤯

I don’t have to be everything for every person – I just need to provide a space inside of Create Your Homeschool that can be everything for every person! 

And that’s how the idea to shift my entire resource strategy came to be! 

what stage of homeschooling are you in? take the homeschooling stages quiz here

I set out to find the best of the best homeschool resources creators and extended offers to them to create resources for YOU inside my shop!

And now… I am SO STINKING PROUD AND EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE – The brand new, one-stop-homeschool-shop, is launching SEPTEMBER 1!! 🥳

Create Your Homeschool -

Introducing: CYH Shop!

Create Your Homeschool -

The shop is quickly becoming one of my favorite spaces inside Create Your Homeschool! We’re creating a collection of incredible resources for your homeschool and the goal is to have at least one resource for every grade by the end of the year! 

Our new shop vendors are SO excited to share their products with you and I can’t wait to share them with you too!! We’ve got tons of worksheets, homeschool printables, teacher planning resources, printable homeschool room decor, and more!

the one stop homeschool shop for families

Speaking of our shop vendors… Let me introduce them to you!!

Create Your Homeschool -

Suzy Mahoney has been teaching middle and high school math for over 18 years. She has also been a math tutor for more than 25 years. She loves to get to know her students and watch them learn new concepts.

For the past 6 years she has been writing her own curriculum and activities under her business name Absolute Algebra through Teachers Pay Teachers and her website Absolute Algebra.

In her spare time Suzy enjoys playing board games with her husband and two adult children. She has 4 rescue dogs and a cat, loves biking, reading, and watching Netflix!

Algebra Student

Mary Kennedy, the face behind Algebra Student,  loves working with students who struggle with high school math and don’t believe they can do it.

With a Master’s degree in Learning Disabilities, she’s taught Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 and has more than 20 years of teaching experience.

She helps parents and teens connect their learning to critical thinking skills (such as reasoning, analysis, and perseverance) and growth mindset (“I haven’t learned this YET.”).  Mrs. Kennedy strives to make math concepts accessible to struggling learners.

Mary is a Christ follower, and aims to honor Him through this verse:  “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”  (Colossians 3:23)

She does life in a tiny tourist town with her husband and their three grown-and-almost-flown kids (when they’re home from college!).

Don’t let math continue to disrupt your family’s life…find out more at algebrastudent.com.

We are All Things Printables and we provide quality printables for all of your needs! We service a wide range of people from Homeschoolers and public school teachers to your friend that’s planning a bachelorette party! If you don’t see something that you want, contact us so we can make it for you!

This is Jenn & Anita. They love all things printables! Friends that met through a business relationship, they quickly found that they had lots in common. So much that they created All Things Printables.

Faithfully Teaching At Home

Jacquelyn, of Faithfully Teaching at Home, is a homeschooling mom of 4 who has been homeschooling for over 18 years, and still going strong.  She has a college background in Early Childhood Education and has a passion for teaching early learners. Married to her pastor husband for over 27 years, they live on 100+ acres in Tennessee.  Jacquelyn loves children’s picture books, dark roasted coffee, and office supplies.  You can find her blogging about homeschooling at FaithfullyTeachingAtHome.com

Mommy Snippets is an established family lifestyle site that serves busy families with parenting resources, easy recipes, simple craft tutorials, engaging printables, faith-filled encouragement, and more!

Marina is a forty-something, South Asian mom of 3, passionate about inspiring busy families with authentic and relatable resources, on her family lifestyle site- MommySnippets.com. The site is packed with parenting resources, easy recipes, simple craft tutorials, engaging printables, faith-filled encouragement, and more!

I love creating hands-on and engaging math and literacy centers for both teachers and parents to use with their learners.

Khadeejah is a homeschooler who lives on the sunny island of Singapore. She enjoys creating educational printables and hands-on activities for little learners and other homeschoolers. You can find her over at The Chatty Kinder where she blogs about her printables and activities.

Amanda Allen | There Is No Box \ No box homeschool

Amanda has been a homeschool teacher to her children for over 12 years, having started with only two and being blessed with four more along the way.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in education, she worked in the field for seven years before dedicating her time and talents to being a stay-at-home homeschooling mom. She loves challenging herself to see things from new perspectives and dreaming up new ways to approach learning. She has a passion for creating things, and when she’s not spending time with her children, you can find her tapping away at the computer working on a thousand projects, new and old.

You can find Amanda at There Is No Box on the Create Your Homeschool Shop and on Pinterest.

The shop officially launches September 1, 2022!! And to celebrate, we’re have a 20% OFF SITE-WIDE SALE!!

Create Your Homeschool -

Mark your calendar, tell all of your homeschool besties, and be here to shop all of the awesome homeschool goodies!! 🎉

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    I’m so excited to dive into all the resources available! I’m extra excited about Middle School resources as that is a whole new world to me and my kiddos. My oldest is just starting 6th grade! 😲

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