What if you didn’t have to feel the dreaded post-holiday homeschool slump this year?

Are you struggling to recapture the joy and momentum in your homeschool after the holiday season? You are not alone. 

Many homeschool families experience the post-holiday slump. But what if I told you that it didn’t have to be that way this year? What if I told you that you could start and finish the second half of the year as strong as the first half?


Homeschool Reboot - A mini course designed to help you ditch the homeschool slump and get back on track. Find the motivation you need to finish the homeschool year strong.

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Homeschool Reboot - A mini course designed to help you ditch the homeschool slump and get back on track. Find the motivation you need to finish the homeschool year strong.

Ready to transform your homeschool slump into a  thriving homeschool year? 

Homeschool Reboot Offers:

  • Video Lessons
  • Printable Workbook
  • One-on-One Support

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Homeschool Reboot is your targeted solution to ditching the overwhelm and creating a homeschool that brings you joy!

The Homeschool Mama Academy by Create Your Homeschool. Join this homeschool membership for moms to get support, feel empowered, and be equipped to create your homeschool.

I’ve been in the thick of homeschooling for more than six years and I can tell you I’ve had my fair share of homeschool  burnout  , zero motivation to start the homeschool day, and a  loss of inspiration  for our educational journey. 

It’s why I’ve made it my mission to lock arms with other homeschool mamas and serve them in a way that empowers them to make changes, create their own path, and homeschool in a way that brings them joy.

From completely burnout and feeling like a failure 

Inside Homeschool Reboot, you’ll learn how to identify burnout before it even starts, rekindle your passion for homeschooling, simplify your schedule, and maintain momentum throughout the year. 


Questions you might be asking…

Homeschool Reboot is a comprehensive mini course designed to help you move out of the homeschool slump after the holidays and into the second half of your homeschool year with joy! 

Homeschool Reboot is broken down into four main modules. 

Module 1: Recognizing & Addressing Burnout 

  • Symptoms & Signs of Burnout
  • Causes / Triggers of Burnout
  • The Importance of Self Care

Module 2: Rekindling Inspiration & Motivation

  • Revisiting Your Homeschool “Why”
  • Setting Realistic Goals for the New Year
  • Finding Joy in the Everyday
  • Creating a Supportive Community

Module 3: Practical Strategies for Success

  • Simplifying Your Schedule
  • Creating a Flexible & Adaptable Routine
  • Building In Breaks & Fun
  • Encouraging Independence & Ownership

Module 4: Maintaining Momentum

  • Celebrating Achievements
  • Developing Coping Mechanisms
  • Creating a Vision for the Future

Of course!! I love bonuses! 😉 

This course is designed to complete in four weeks. However, you will have access to the course for life, so feel free to come back and complete it on demand or take it over again the next year.

Yes! You will have access to this course and all of the updates for life. Any time I create a new resource for Homeschool Reboot or redesign a module, you’ll be the first to know! 

Awesome! Would love to chat with you! Please email me: hello@createyourhomeschool.com